For Rosa Retekess TT105 Tour Guide System 2.4GHz Two Way Transmitter and Receiver

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20 unit  Main and Vice transmitter 

10 unit receivers 

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Retekess TT105 2.4G tour guide system for Hajj and Umrah with landyard

Retekess TT105 tour guide system has 50 channels. If you have few groups use same model in one place, just change to the different channels, they won't interference each other.  Portable Transmitter with headset speaker mic, receiver with separate earpiece, each one has the USB charging cable. It has lanyard, you can hang on the neck, you don't need to worry about lost. It supports two transmitters in one group and the two transmitters can talk with each other. The vice transmitter can't be used separately. We have variety headset can fit this model, and 16 ports charging base, 32, 40, 60 slots charging cases for you. You can choose the correct one which fit for you. 


TT105 tour guide transmitter and receiver can use for tourism, church, translation, interpretation, horse trainning, factory, Hajj and Umrah etc.. You can hang on the neck, free your hands. 


2.4GHz signal transmission with stable audio quality

Two transmitters in one group

One-key Receivers channel synchronization function saves much time

150 meters communication distance in the open air

50 channels to choose, up to 50 groups tour at the same location

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, long battery life

Pocket size and light weight, easy to use


Long Range

It can reach 150 meters in the open area. 

Support 50 groups at one place

It has 50 channels, so if you have few groups in the same area, they can work separately, just use the different channels.

Support one key pair automatically

It is very convenient for using, you can pair the receivers by one key


The transmitter has 5 levels. The receiver has 9 levels. You can adjust it freely.

Working time

The transmitter can work 8h after fully charged, the receiver can work 12h after fully charged. It takes 2-3 hours to be fully charged.

Tour guide system applications

Tour guide systems are widely used in tourism, factory tour, church translation, education, training, museum,Hajj and Umrah etc.

tour guide system applications.jpg 

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Frequency range



50 channels

Output power


Power supply

Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Working time

About 8 hours

Working distance

150 meters (open air)


86 x 50 x 19mm




Frequency range



50 channels

Power supply

Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery

Working time

About 12 hours


86 x 50 x 19mm



Package Includes:

2 x transmitter

10 x receiver

2 x Microphone

10 x earpiece

12 x Charging cable

12 x Lanyard

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