Retekess Wireless Conference Voting System Support 24 Channels 1 T146 Main Control Base Station and 10 T147 Wireless Voting Devices

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Long transmission distance is up to 150m; Support maximum 24 channels; LCD display, adopts 96x64 dot matrix; 3.7V 1020mAH lithium battery; Display can be automatically sleep when low battery power; Can dynamically display ID number of unit.

Retekess Voting system Device 

Long transmission distance; top 150m; wireless conference voting system adopts computer communication; RJ45 network communication port at the side; easy set up; just need to connect computer and base station or connect them by network switcher

More stable signal; support maximum 24 channels; automatic frequency detect function to select interference free communication channel; and the base station has signal indicator; the signal mean more stronger and better when more indicator light up

More functions; 4 keys for the voting devices for sign in;approve;abstain; opposition; and it has other functional characteristics like vote; election; discuss;score; so it can meet varied needs of conference or meetings voting

Voting device LCD display; it adopts 96x64 dot matrix; and it can dynamically display ID number of unit; also it shows battery power; operation tips; voting countdown; easy to use

Long battery life; the voting device is powered by 3.7V 1020mAH lithium battery; and battery can be replaced; with dynamically display power function; the display can be automatically sleep for low battery power to ensure longer battery lifetime

Working principle


You need the software to work with the PC. Contact us about the software.

The system is a wireless digital conference voting system, which does not require complicated wiring, is easy to assemble, and is simple and convenient to use. The system adopts Windows Windows operating system and humanized human-computer interaction function; it detects the wireless signal of the venue before the meeting, selects the channel without interference to communicate, and ensures the stable operation of the system.

RJ45 Network Communication
Easy wiring; just need to connect the base station with network switcher; and the station use FSK; confidentiality agreements with multiple calibrations modulation; so the signal can be more clear

Long Working Distance
The maximum distance between the base station and voting device can be 150m; so it can work well at meetings or conference voting events

Signal Indicator
There are signal indicators for the base station; and the signal means stronger and better when more indicator lights up

Long Copper Antenna
Conference voting system use quality copper material antenna; the total length is 93.5cm together with the base station; so the signal can be more stable; less signal interference or statics

Functional Characteristic of Voting Device
It has special features like vote;election;discuss;score and supplement sign in; and 4 keys for sign in; approve; abstain;opposition; easy to use

Automatically Display Sleep Function
The display can enter sleep state when the battery level is low; so it can extend the battery life effectively


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        Base Station Specifications:

1. Computer communication: RJ45 network communication port, use common wire to connect computer and base station or connect them by network switcher, it is simple to arrange wire, easy connection and longer communication distance.

2. Convert frequency: switch between 24 channels

3. Measure and select non-interfering channel automatically, make sure the system is anti-interference.

4. Communication Frequency: 300-800MHz

5. Modulation: FSK, confidentiality agreements + multiple calibrations

6. Signal base station maximum capacity is 250 voting device, so 4 base station can up to 1000 voting device.

7. Safety performance: with communication port and signal testing port

8. The communication distance with voting device: 150m

9. Transmit power: 10mW, 5-200mW can be adjusted.

10. Power supply: DC 9V/ 2A

11. With power adapter

12. 5W Rated power: 5W

13. Color: brushed black

14. Net weight: 1.5KG

15. Size (W*H*D): 239*57*175mm

Voting Device

1. Fashion design, good appearance

2. System functional characteristic: vote, election, discuss, score and supplement sign in

3. Switch between 24 channels

4. Channel: 300 to 800 MHz can be adjusted

5. Transmit power: 10mW

6. Modulation: FSK, confidentiality agreements + multiple calibrations

7. With keys for "sign in", "approve", "abstain", "opposition"

8. LCD: with 96*64 dot matrix, can dynamically display ID number of unit, channel, battery power, operation tips, voting countdown and so on

9. Battery: 3.7V/ 1020mAH lithium battery

10. Also dynamically display power, when power is low and the display can be automatically sleep to ensure the lifetime of battery is longer

11. Open the device by pressing the key and

12. Working time: 40 hours

13. Rated power: 0.1W

14. Color: gray

15. Net weight: 120g

16. Size (W*H*D): 162*29*55mm

17. Packing: put in the portable charging case, convenient to contain and store

Charing case

1. Charging and containing for wireless voting device

2. Charging for 42 voting device simultaneously

3. With the indicator light of charging and complete charging

4. Overload protection

5. Support electronic hot-plugging.

6. Pull rod and wheel is available, convenient to carry.

7. Size (W*H*D): 640*220*365 mm

8. Rated power: 200W

9. Color: black

10. Net weight: 9kg

Package Includes:
1 x Main Control Unit
1 x Magnetic Roof Mount Antenna
1 x Power Adapter
10 x Wireless Voting Device

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