T128 Wrist Watch Receiver Pager System for Restaurant Hospital Clinic Club

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The signal receive distance is 50m to 200m

Rechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver

Watch Receiver use dot matrix LCD screen to maintain the image clarity

Support single key and multi-key functions

Retekess T128 Watch Receiver Table Service Black and White

Table service device description

T128 watch pager can be matched with all transmitters of the RETEKESS series, such as T117, T133, TD010, TD004, TD005, TD018, etc. It will optimize your working environment, improve work efficiency, and create greater benefits.

Distance range

The signal transmission range is 50 to 200 meters. Because in actual use,  the signal transmission will be interfered with by metals and walls in the area. At the same time, it is also related to the signal strength of the used transmitter.

Display and prompt method

 T128 Watch Receiver uses dot matrix LCD screen to maintain the image clarity; vibration or buzzer adjustable prompt modes; you can change it from vibration to voice.

Real-time information display

Support multiple buttons are pressed at the same time; Screen show setting to select live view or queue view mode; So it can tell which pager is requesting first.


Rechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver; USB charger port, no need to replace the battery, safe charging circuit; once for full charge it can last long hours; easy to charge; so it can work well for restaurant coffee shop; no need to worry about battery life.  


1. T128 support 500 callers

2. 5 Notices Modes; Vibration+light; Buzzer+light; Light only; Vibration+buzzer; Vibration+buzzer+light; vibration only

3. Support ”A-Z” English letter digits 0-9 show, 40 Optional Key Name, and User-defined watch pager, 

4. Built-in rechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver

5. Prompt Time Adjustable From 0-15s

6. Remove Calling Records Time Setting From 0-99s

7. Cycle Time Can Be Choose From 0-99s

8. 3 call records can be set to show at the same time

9. Support set area or service type name

More Advantages

Define key name

40 optional key name + user-defined, you also can program the original Key "pay, order, call, cancel" etc. to other key names, even can be people's name, such as Christopher, Alexander, etc. and the maximum length of custom words is 12 Letter.

High universality

As a signal receiver, T128 can be used on any occasion where a call is required. For example, in a restaurant, it is used by the chef to call the food delivery staff to serve the food; the parents in the family call the children; the person who needs to be taken care of calls others in family or clinic; the guests in the noisy environment seek service, call the waiter in the Internet cafe; Members call coaches in gym, etc. It can adapt to various situations requiring paging. 


F9420 T128 with table call button display host receiver.jpgF9420 T128 wireless calling system wrist watch table call button.jpgwrist watch receiver F9420.jpg


T128  TD108Wrist paging system restaurant watch receiver.jpg


Production process:

wirless calling system 800 restaurant.jpg

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T128 pager Specification:

Operating Voltage:DC3.7VBattery capacity: 400mAh
Receiving sensitivity: -108dbm
Display method: LCD
Prompt mode: vibration or buzzer
Adapter: 5V 1A
Watch net weight:44g

A T128 Wrist Watch Receiver Pager System will be equipped with a watch receiver, a USB cable, and a user manual.

Q: How many pieces of call buttons can work with one T128watch receiver?

A: It max supports 500 pieces.

Q: How well does T128 watch pager work through windows and doors?

A: The maximum distance can be 200m / 656ft from pager to wrist receiver at an open area, if there is a lot of walls of cement and Metal in your using environment, the distance will be affected. With stronger signal transmitters, the range of signal transmission can also be expanded, such as TD004 and TD005 with external antennas. Another option is to use a repeater, which will enhance the signal transmission, such as TD021.  

Q: Could this T128 watch pager be used by children instead of doctors?

A: Of course, a special feature of the T128 pager is that you can change the name of the button in various situations. This will be the accuracy you want to find the pager.

Q: How many T128s are needed between two adults to establish contact?

A: T128 is a signal receiver, You need to buy a signal transmitter to establish contact with it. Two adults only need a T128 and a signal transmitter to keep in touch. The signal transmitters we recommend to you are T117, T133, TD004, TD005, TD012, TD010, etc. You can choose according to different needs.


Please fill in your procurement needs and contact information