FAQ-TR501 TR502 TR505 FM Broadcast Transmitter

FAQ-TR501 TR502 TR505 FM Broadcast Transmitter

FAQ-TR501 TR502 TR505 FM Broadcast Transmitter

Since 13th Mar, we got many emails from churches and pastor to ask the question about FM broadcast transmitter.

As we all know, we can not meet each other until the situation is better. So the FM radio transmitter will help us lot in this period.

Let's list some FAQ about the FM transmitter TR501 TR502, TR505.

1. Q: What is the working range about the FM broadcast transmitter?

   A : The power of it, effected the working range. TR501 is about 1-2km. TR502 is 3-4km, and TR505 is about 4-5km. We test the range by ourselves in the open area.

2. Q: What is the frequency range about the FM broadcast transmitter?

    A: TR501 is 76-108MHz, TR502 is 87-108MHz, and TR505 is 87.5-108MHz. 

3. Q: Can i use the FM transmitter for drive-in church?

    A: Yes, you can use it. People can seat in their cars to avoid meet each other. And open the FM radio in the cars to listen the speech.

4. Q: Can you help me find the best solution for our church in the COVID-19 period?

     A: Sure, very pleasure. We sell the high quality products and supply the solutions for customers. You can use the FM broadcast transmitter in the church to do the catholic mass.

You can check the TR502 and TR505, and choose the type based on your needs.

5. Q: What is the delivery time to US?

    A: Usually it needs about 3 working days, but in the COVID-19 time, the delivery time is about 3-8 working days. So if you need it, pls make the order on our website soon. So that we can arrange the parcel for you. 

6. Q: How soon will you send the parcel after i make the order?

    A: Recently, we have the items in stock,but not many left.  Because you know within 5 mins there will be 3 orders come, so if you need it, pls don't hesitate, just make the order.

7. Q: How can i shop on Retekess official website?

    A: Pls sign up first and then search the model type that you need, such as TR501, TR502 or TR505. Add the FM transmitter in the cart and do as shows. Pls pay attention the payment method.

Pls make sure that you have the PayPal account and pay via your PayPal.

If you have other questions, pls feel free to contact us to support@retekess.com.

We are here waiting for your message with the best solutions.

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