Tour Guide System used in Hajj and Umrah

Tour Guide System used in Hajj and Umrah

Tour Guide System used in Hajj and Umrah

Tour Guide System used in Hajj and Umrah

In recent years, tour guide system is more and more popular and widely used in many applications. 

Such as in travel agent, company visit, conference, teaching and training, church, translation Hajj and Umrah.

So if you want to use the Retekess tour guide system in Hajj and Umrah, how to choose the right tour guide system?

This is ida, sales manager of Retekess. Today, i will state several points about choosing the tour guide system.

A, How many guides in your group? One or two?

If you have 2 guides in one group, you need to choose the system that support 2 guides speak at the same time in one group.

Recently, we have 2 types Retekess TT105 and TT106 support 2 guides speak in one group.

B, What is the Max working distance of the wireless tour guide system?

You know, when we are choosing the tour guide system, we are willing to give the customers more freedom.

They can work around within the working distance to increase the experience and satisfaction.

Most of our tour guide system has the long working distance, for TT108 , the working distance is about 200M

and the TT109 can work to 180M. We test it by ourselves. It will working well in traveling.

Retekess tour guide system.jpg

C, Do I need any certification when using the tour guide system?

In the whole world, each country has the different rules. So we care about every customer to product the system with 

the 2.4Ghz technology. It is free in the whole world. You just need to set the wireless transmitter and receivers in the same

channels then can talk in the working distance. We also have other types with the 195 mhz-230mhz,  UHF(860-870MHz). 

D, What type of battery does the tour guide system use?

Usually, we sell the system with the lithium battery, it is rechargable, there are USB cable in the parcel. But we also have one type

Retekess T129 uses the AA battery, if you don't want the parcel with battery or don't use the tour guide system often. You can choose

this type.

E, Does the tour guide system have the original charging case?

It is very important to having the charging case, so that you can charge them on the way and by bulk instead of charging them one by one.

Pls choose the tour guide system based on your needs. Retekess has focus on wireless communication for 11 years, we provide the best quality products and solutions. If you need any professional suggestions and more affordable price, pls feel free to contact us:

We are here waiting for your email.

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