Retekess TT120 GPS audio tour guide system For Bus or Train

Retekess TT120 GPS audio tour guide system For Bus or Train

Retekess TT120 GPS audio tour guide system For Bus or Train

As we all know the Bus or Train tour is very popular for customers, but they may come from different countries and speaker different languages. So the GPS audio guide support multi language will be need.

The advantage of the automatically controlled GPS audio guide system is that all participants of your trip can use their own language to make the exact same trip at the same time. So not only Dutch, then English, then German and other languages.

The entire GPS audio guide system will run automatically. Your customer only needs to choose the route and which language band to use.

Most GPS audio tour systems are used on cruise ships, hop-on hop-off buses, river cruises, etc. The number of different foreign nationalities participating in such activities is greatly increasing. And most guests usually do not speak English completely and/or do not listen to English. The device support multi languages, so your guests choose the language that suits them.

However, for example, in scenic parks or open-air museums or city walks, an automatic GPS-triggered tour guide system can be used. TT120 system can operate externally and internally based on RFID.

For this device,it is 2.4G, so it is free use in the world. And it is waterproof, so it is a perfect product for using outside. It supports 3.5mm jack earpiece, so customers can use there own earpieces. And it has the lanyard, so it is very easy for customer to wear. The battery standby time is 120 hours. So no don’t need to charge it too often. And customers can see the altitude and temperature on the display.

In addition, it supports the RFID wireless triggering tech, with this function it is suitable for inside tour, museum and other areas.

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