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Mute all receiver with one key

80m working range at an open area

PLL frequency synthesis technology

195-230MHz VHF band transmission

99 groups to operate in the same area

1300mAh lithium battery, long standby time

Power off all receiver via the transmitter, pressing the power key for 6 seconds


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Frequency Range:746MHz~823MHz

This two way guide system has 23 channels, you can use many groups in one location as you want

All people can talk in one group

Strong Anti-interference 

Transmission distance is about 200 meters in the open area

One main transmitter can work with as many as vice receivers


TR503 wireless FM transmitter and PR13 radio receiver Tour guide system 1 transmitter and 5 receivers Very easy to use


Retekess FT11 FM transmitter supports 4 levels of power output Long communication range Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery Support AUX input and TF card player


Retekess TT107 tour guide system is 2.4GHz, worldwide free of use, no license required

no extra earpiece and speaker mic needed

you can mute when you don't want people heard

you can turn off all the receivers at once, it is much more convenience for using.

The range can be 120 meters in open area.


Retekess 3.5mm Universal Headset for Tour guide system T130 T131, TT103 TT104, T129, TT105, TT109, TT101, TT102.


Charging, carrying and storage box for T130 tour guide system

32 charging ports

With lock and key Durable and Portable


T129 tour guide system 2.4GHz 30 channels Eay to pair and use Long-range with crystal sound Powered by 2 AA battery


T129 wireless receiver 2.4Ghz Powered by 2 AA battery Volume Adjustable Comes with earpiece 30 channels


Retekess professional simultaneous translation equipment;Conference device Support 32 channel switch; Range up to 150m; UHF transmitter adopts microcomputer CPU control tech; Better anti-interference ability. IR automatically pair

Retekess Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation system support 8 channel audio output with metal material; 4, 8, 16 channels system available; Cable delay compensation functions; 7 inch touch screen of interpreter unit; LCD display for Infrared Receiver; Rotary microphone bar

Wireless microphone for Computer, Speaker, Voice Amplifier, Karaoke Machine, FM

Transmitter, Window Intercom System, PA System, Camera, and Public Speech

Automatic pairing

Rechargeable and 8 hours of continuous work

3.5mm connection and comes with a 6.5mm adaptor

Stereo mode without distortion, range up to 50m

Infrared controller adopts digital DQPSK modulation technology; Super emission power of IR radiator panel; the maximum working distance can top 40m; also it adopts the arc structure with 135 angle for wide coverage; and the signal power can be reduced to use in small space Fast preset for 3 channel input output; easy operation with corresponding shortcut keys; support 15 language interpretation simultaneously for each interpreter unit; also

Long transmission distance is up to 150m; Support maximum 24 channels; LCD display, adopts 96x64 dot matrix; 3.7V 1020mAH lithium battery; Display can be automatically sleep when low battery power; Can dynamically display ID number of unit.


With RJ45 network communication port; 24 channels switch; Max. 150m between base station and voting device; Support max. 250 voting device; suitable for meetings or conference translations.


4 keys for sign in; Support switch between 24 channels; Powered by 3.7V 1020mAH lithium battery; With dynamically display power technology; LCD display, with 96x64 dot matrix; Less signal interference or statics Long transmission distance top 150m


Self-guided tour device Automatic triggering from RFID tags or GPS triggers 3.5mm headset jack and many volume levels available Multiple languages options 120 hours of standby time Audio guide solution for Museum and city tours Waterproof function


You can choose the left ear or right ear according to your habits or preferences

The sponge cover on the earphone can be replaced, which is more hygienic and

easy to clean