Customized Solutions

We are committed to making communication easier in life and work. Every industry, venue, and situation is unique. Retekess specializes in wireless communication solutions tailored for different markets and environments.

Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, healthcare center, entertainment, tourism or intelligent manufacturing enterprise, you can not ignore the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. No matter what kind of communication problem you are facing now, contact us with your requirements, Retekess professional team will help you achieve it

OEM & ODM Products

In recent years Retekess has developed many ODM and OEM models, we have the rich experience and ability to handle the distinct production of various projects for you. Whether you want to customize products suitable for a specific customer group according to your own ideas, or you want to customize colors, languages, logo, package or features based on the basis of existing products, Retekess will strictly follow the agreement to help you achieve them

Beneficiary of Cooperation with Retekess

Create your own reliable products with reasonable cost

Add Retekess products to your current product line, you'll have a leg up on the competition based on superior brand recognition and reliable products

Contact Us for the Cooperation

In addition to the customize service, Retekess offers a range of wireless communication products like Tour Guide System, Guest Pager System, Service Calling System, Window Intercom System, FM Transmitter and Radio Receiver.

Create your own products

Reliable products with the best price and support

Support you standing out among competitors

Whether you want to design your own product according or customize features, color, languages or logo based on our existing products