Retekess Anniversary Celebration 2022
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Retekess FT11 portable FM transmitter built-in 1500mAh lithium battery Support AUX input and TF card player


Retekess T130 tour guide system support one transmitter work with hundreds of receivers at the same time.

Most cost-effective and most popular transmitter and receiver

Best choice for church translation

It has a lightweight and small size, stable, and crystal clear audio quality.

Multi-channel streaming and long-time continuous usage could be used as communication tools as well as simultaneous translation.

$44.99 $42.74

TT108 Wireless tour guide system frequency range:860-870MHz

Wireless transmitter channel F0:100 channels, F1: 50 channels

The working distance can reach up to 200M

Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery

Charging time 3-4 hours

Turn off all receivers by the transmitter


2 Colors: Red and Golden

Bulk price for 50pcs with Cary Case

AM FM radio with earphone Battery operated FM radio Key lock function

$639.90 $607.90

Portable transmitter supports microphone and Aux audio input at the same time

Communication range up to 100m in the open area

Portable Transmitter with a large screen and handheld speaker mic

$45.99 $43.69

AM FM SW 3-band radio

Vintage FM radio with 3.5mm headphone jack

Rechargeable radio with 1200mAh battery

$46.99 $44.64

AM FM pocket radio

Mini radio without an internal speaker, only support 3.5mm headphone

FM radio powered by 2*AAA batteries

$17.99 $17.09

Retekess TR617B is a wireless microphone speaker, it has bluetooth function. It is portable and you can take it easily to anywhere. High quality audio sound, Bluetooth connection, up to 20 meters Customized FM output frequency, one-button connection to FM band amplifier 4000mAh rechargeable battery that can be used for 2-3 hours Suitable for small gatherings such as family, friends, karaoke, birthdays, etc.


Professional wireless FM tour guide system

FM frequency range 60-108MHz

Special 5 station presets

24 hour clock

2 x AAA batteries not included

$92.99 $88.34

AM FM radio with earphone Battery operated FM radio Key lock function

$21.99 $20.89

Whisper tour guide system is 2.4G and free to use worldwide

Support two transmitters working in a group simultaneously

Communication distance up to 150m in the open area

Anti-interference, high confidentiality of conversation

Crystal clear sound and stable signal

One key to turn off all receivers

Transmitter with mute function

One key to pair automatically

9999 IDs

$289.99 $259.99

AM FM SW 3-band radio

Support TF card (Max 128GB)

LCD display with backlight

Easy to use rechargeable radio

$35.99 $34.19

Retekess TR604 AM FM Radio is the most popular portable radio in 2019

Portable radio with good reception

$59.99 $56.99

TT122 is a 2.4G tour guide system, it can be used all over the world freely

It can reach 150 meters in an open area

It has one key pair with all receivers

One key mute transmitter

One key turns off all receivers in the same channel 36 channels, you can feel free to use in one location with many groups.

$43.99 $41.79

TR610 FM radio support TF card, Bluetooth music and calls; The smart radio reads U-disk input; Built-in EQ function; Electronic Volume Adjustment; Built-in 3.7V 1800mAH Battery; Made with high quantity material and has comfortable feels


Mute all receiver with one key

80m working range at an open area

PLL frequency synthesis technology

195-230MHz VHF band transmission

99 groups to operate in the same area

1300mAh lithium battery, long standby time

Power off all receiver via the transmitter, pressing the power key for 6 seconds

$54.99 $52.24

Retekess professional simultaneous translation equipment;Conference device Support 32 channel switch; Range up to 150m; UHF transmitter adopts microcomputer CPU control tech; Better anti-interference ability. IR automatically pair


PR13 Supports 3AAA batteries (not included)

FM frequency range 60-108MHz

Special 5 station presets

24-hour clock

$17.99 $17.09

Wireless audio transmission system designed for guitars, basses and other instruments with 6.35mm audio output jack. 5.729-5.820GHz digital high fidelity coding technology, high quality transmission without compression or distortion. There are transmitter and receivers, you can use them directly.

PR12 AM FM Pocket Radio Battery powered radio MP3 Player Support TF Card PR12 Portable Radio with back-light LCD display
$31.99 $30.39