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The simple little button you push to reverse the cassette player no lag or delay

AM/FM radio with external headphone jack 

Auto-reverse tape player with recording function


4 key function: Call, Cancel, Pay, Order, Widely use for restaurant, coffee , shop, nightclubs spas and salons club nursery church, learning code working chip adopts; Long working distance; the maximum working distance up to 120 meters in the open area


The wireless call button 4 keys (call, order, pay, cancel), ideal for restaurants. It makes the waiter know the detailed demands of the customers in time. Wireless call button could match with watch receiver and the wireless display receiver work together. The wireless service calling system is easy to program.The call button comes with the 12V 23A battery,it replaceable and last long.


With RJ45 network communication port; 24 channels switch; Max. 150m between base station and voting device; Support max. 250 voting device; suitable for meetings or conference translations.


Wireless tour guide system 2.4G with large size of the display

Rechargeable audio guide system support 15 hours of continuous work

Easy and reliable auto paring wireless transmitter and receiver

9999 channels, mute function and adjustable volume

Turn off all paired receivers remotely

Communication range up to 100m in the open area

Portable transmitter supports microphone and Aux audio input at the same time


Wireless microphone for Computer,Speaker, Voice Amplifier, Karaoke Machine, FM Transmitter, Window Intercom System, PA System, Camera and Public Speech

Automatic pairing

Rechargeable and 8 hours of continuous work

3.5mm connection and comes with a 6.5mm adaptor

Stereo mode without distortion, range up to 50m


1, Limitless amount of wireless receivers for each portable transmitter 2, The audio system tour guide transmitter comes with microphone and lanyard


Easy to set up and carry around 60 meters of communication distances 1 transmitter could work with as many receivers as you need 900mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the transmitter; 12 hours last upon the full charge 600mAh lithium rechargeable battery for the receiver; 18 hours last upon the full charge


Easy to set up and carry around 60 meters communication distances 1 transmitter could work with as many receivers as you need 900mAh lithium rechargeable battery for transmitter; 12 hours last upon full charge 600mAh lithium rechargeable battery for receiver; 18 hours last upon full charge


Retekess TD103 wireless coaster paging system come with 1 transmitter and 10 pagers Infrared technology, FM technology, Waterproof IP54 7 prompt methods, vibration, flash and voice notice combine freely Out of range alert, one key to shut down all the pagers More than 1000 meters coverage in open area Support protocol (contact us if you need)

$329.99 $289.99

This wireless paging system support 998 pagers, Transmitter keypad with build-in 1000 mAH battery which last 4 hours, This calling system last for 10 hours, Mute function for the restaurant pager, One transmitter with 10 pagers,

$189.99 $165.99

Retekess TR617 is a 15W wireless microphone speaker, it has bluetooth function. It is portable and you can take it easily to anywhere. High quality audio sound, Bluetooth connection, up to 20 meters Customized FM output frequency, one-button connection to FM band amplifier 4000mAh rechargeable battery that can be used for 2-3 hours Suitable for small gatherings such as family, friends, karaoke, birthdays, etc.


This is RF wireless repeater which amplifies the wireless signal when the distance between transmitter and receiver is too long. Just install the repeater between transmitter and receiver, while it receives wireless signal, it enhances and send out again to the receiver


150-200m transmission distance at open area; 4 additional push buttons; Water-proof transmitter; Smart learning code; LED light strobe while ringing; Great volume with 32 melody chord; Water-proof transmitter; Max. volume around 100dB;


English/ Portuguese / Russian language available; Dot matrix LCD screen; Low power remind; Prompt mode: Beep, Vibration, Light; Support 999 wireless transmitter buttons, name of transmitter can be edited, Preventing malicious calls;


PLL frequency synthesis technology; support 99 groups in the same area; rechargeable battery; 99 frequency channels on 195-230MHz; long lanyard for transmitter and receivers


Portable design, the smallest and lightest; Support 200 groups and long working hours; Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery; One transmitter can work with any number of receivers; LCD display, battery consumption display, easy to operate; One button to turn off all the receivers, no need to shut down one by one; Range up to 200m in the open area with stable signal and crystal clear sound;


Rtekess PR16R 12W Portable Voice Amplifier with FM Radio MP3 Player Recording Headset Microphone, it works for teachers and outdoor sports, it works for tour guides.

Bluetooth function