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Retekess TR606 Cassette Player AM FM Portable Radio 2 power supply methods


HR12W AM FM NOAA portable radio 4 ways for charging IPX3 Waterproof Emergency radio with flashlight


*UHF(860-870MHz) signal transmission with stable audio quality *Two working modes: F0: 100 channels, F1: 50 channels *200 meters communication distance in the open air *Microphone volume adjustment, receiver volume adjustment *Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, long battery life *Turn off all receivers by transmitter *Mini size and light weight, easy to use


Retekess TR623 portable voice amplifier with FM

Personal voice amplifier with recording function, support TF card, Aux input, Bluetooth, USB flash drive and microphone

It is a perfect aggregation of voice amplifier, a portable Bluetooth speaker and a mobile power bank. 

10w 1800mAh portable rechargeable PA system speaker for teachers, tour guides, instructors. Ideal for indoor and outdoor using


TT122 is a 2.4G tour guide system, it can used all over the world freely. It has very simple design appearance. Good looking It can reach 150 meters in open area. Unlimited receivers with TT122 transmitter 36 channels, you can feel free to use in one location with many groups.


Retekess T126 32 channels wireless tour guide system UHF transmitter with microphone adopt wireless infrared pairing technology,stable signal and clear sound, ideal for simultaneous interpretation;Battery: 2 AA1.5V alkaline batteries or 2 AA rechargeable battery for about 8 hours of continuous use; 100-150 meters range


English/ Portuguese / Russian language available, Low battery indicator Built in rechargeable 3.7V 380mAh. Easy to charge wacth pager by the attached USB charging cable, Support 999 wireless transmitter buttons, Prompt modes; beep; vibration; light; can be arranged freely


English/ French /German language available, Low battery indicator, Built in rechargeable 3.7V 380mAh , Easy to charge wacth pager by the attached USB charging cable, Support 999 wireless transmitter buttons, Prompt modes; beep; vibration; light; can be arranged freely


Boombox AM FM Radio

CD/Cassette player with remote control

USB & TF Card Player

Boombox radio with 3.5mm headphone jack


This wireless transmitter call button is 433MHz;have Three key: Call, Cancel, Pay; has sticker,can be fixed on the table ;the emission range can reach 500m in open area;bulid in 12V 23A battery ;modulation modeis ASK (AM);the working chip is learning code, can use in tea or coffee house, spas and salons, health and fitness clubs, restaurants, hotel conference rooms, executive dining rooms, Saloon, nightclubs, bowling alleys, massages house, churches, casinos, golf and country clubs, hospitals


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Frequency Range:746MHz~823MHz

This two way guide system have 23 channels, you can use many groups in one location as you want

All people can talk in one group

Strong Anti-interference 

Translation distance is about 200 meters in the open area

One main transmitter can work with as many as vice receivers


T119 paging system Free Shipping to the United States (Shipping from US warehouse)

Other countries orders shipping from China directly

Retekess T119 coaster paging system comes with 1 keyboard transmitter and 10 coaster pagers, the pagers could be added up to 999 to meet the grows of your business; T119 wireless calling system with 3 reminder mode, Buzzer+Flash, Vibration+Flash, Buzzer+Vibration+Flash Each coaster pager has one micro charging port so that the pager can be charged individually. There are 3 buttons on the pagers, power on and set and mode key. easy to change code and power on and off the pager.

$189.99 $149.99

This package include 2 TT101 transmitters and 38 TT102 receivers, one 40 port charging case You can use the transmitters in two groups. One is transmitter for one group. You can use the charging box to take it to anywhere you want. it is convenient. Make your group better experience.


Long communication range Last long standby time with large capacity built in battery Limitless amount of wireless receivers for each transmitter Package with one earpiece, one USB charging cable and lanyard.


T112 wireless paging system is widely used in restaurants, healthcare, casinos, hotels, churches. It contains 30 pagers and 1 keypad transmitter. It max supports up to 999 pagers, you can add pagers as you need.


1pc wireless coaster pager for sale, 100% original coaster pager; if you want to order more or do drop shipping, pls contact me, i will check best price and best shipping wya for you; can not work alone, need to wok with su-668 keypad transmitter


Retekess TD005 transmitter call button designed for kitchen to waiter staff to increase efficiency and profitability. It compatible with Retekess T128, TD108, and TD106. It is buit-in12V/23A battery, low current draw, support transmit for 20000 times. There are build-in antenna, long range and work well through 10-15 walls. The call button is waterproof.


Retekess T119 coaster pagers, one keypad transmitter could work with 999 coaster pagers, and one pager can work with up to 5 keypad transmitters.(Note: If one pager work with more than one keypad transmitters, the pager must pair the same number with the keypad transmitters.)