Retekess Anniversary Celebration 2022
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Retekess TD106 wrist watch receive improve your business

Key content can be customized

Dot-matrix LCD screen

Low power remind

Prompt mode: Vibration, Buzzing

One number can learn more than one call button 

$149.99 $142.49

Retekess TD106 watch receive Key content can be customized Dot matrix LCD screen

Prompt mode: light vibration and sound, combine freely

One number can learn more than one call button

Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery(400mAh)

$35.99 $34.19

TD019 wireless black one-key call button is compatible with all Retekess display receivers

(T114, TD105) and watch receivers (TD106, TD108)

The pairing is simple and easy to operate

Equipped with double-sided tape, silicone sleeve, and lanyard

Easy to fix, more dustproof, and portable

$9.99 $9.49

TD009 waterproof call button is compatible with all Retekess display receivers (T114, TD105

and TD124) and watch receivers (TD106, TD128, TD108)

There is no limit to the number of call buttons in the receiving range

The pairing is simple and easy to operate; the battery power supply time is long

Equipped with double-sided tape to attach the call button to the surface of the table or to the

wall surface

$9.99 $9.49

Retekess TD013 wireless Call button is widely used in restaurants, hotels, bars,hospitals, and SPA. The advantages of using the wireless call button are faster service, increased table rotation, greater customer satisfaction, and increased overall revenue. The call button can work with Retekess T128, TD108 and TD106 wireless wrist watch receiver.

$9.99 $9.49

TD021 signal amplifier for Retekess pager system and service calling system

Small size and easy to install and use

Powerful and stable signal repeater

$59.99 $56.99

Retekess TH103 is a security alarm sound and light system with one call button

and one receiver

Call button with a string, so you can press the button or pull the string to transmit

the help signal

Call button with PVC, waterproof, you can hang on the wall or stick on the wall,

quite easy

The receiver light with 3 red LED lights, it is very clear to see

You can set mute, low volume, and high volume, it can reach 100DB

$32.99 $31.34

Retekess TD017 is a touchable design, it is very easy to use

Built-in one CR2032 lithium coin cell battery, working life up to 1 year

It can reach 80-100 meters with the watch receiver

$9.99 $9.49