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Retekess Charge box, storage box for TT101 and TT102 tour guide system It has 40 ports, you can charge 40 once, you can carry the package very convenient outside. Aluminum alloy, durable and fire resistant Portable design, you can put down all the accessories


Mute all receiver with one key

80m working range at an open area

PLL frequency synthesis technology

195-230MHz VHF band transmission

99 groups to operate in the same area

1300mAh lithium battery, long standby time

Power off all receiver via the transmitter, pressing the power key for 6 seconds

$44.90 $38.99

This package includes 2 TT101 transmitters and 38 TT102 receivers, one 40 port charging case

You can use the transmitters in two groups. One is a transmitter for one group. You can use the charging box to take it anywhere you want. it is convenient. Make your group a better experience.

The biggest advantage is that TT101/TTT102 tour guide transmitter and receiver has a long standby time, It can be reached 20-40 hours.


PLL frequency synthesis technology; support 99 groups in the same area; rechargeable battery; 99 frequency channels on 195-230MHz; long lanyard for transmitter and receivers


Retekess 3.5mm Universal Headset for Tour guide system T130 T131, TT103 TT104, T129, TT105, TT109, TT101, TT102.


3.5mm standard plug for tour guide system transmitter 

Suitable for Retekess TT101, TT103, T130, TT106 and TT122 wireless transmitter