Solution for Retekess TT106 Wireless Tour Guide System with 32-port Charging Box

Solution for Retekess TT106 Wireless Tour Guide System with 32-port Charging Box

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Stable and clear audio quality Stronger anti-interference ability 150m communicate range with high confidentiality 2.4GHz tour guide system uses the real digital signal transmission.

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Solution for Retekess TT106 Wireless Tour Guide System 2.4GHz 2 Transmitters +30 Receivers

church conference translation

With one set of the Retekess TT106 wireless audio guide system with headset design receiver, stop yelling and customers complain about the unclear invoice from guides. Reflecting the professional services of your company and leaving a deeper impression on customers. Also, this tour guide system allows two transmitters to work to the same receivers at the same time in one team, that's to say,  it allows two persons to speak at the same time or take turns to speak, all the listeners can hear from both of them. 

Retekess TT106 Tour Guide System

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Long Service Time for TT106 Tour Guide System

1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery for the transmitter; 3H get full charged, 25H continuous use

380mAh for receivers; 2H get full charged, 23H continuous use

Translation System

One-click turn off all paired receivers

9999 IDs allows 9999 tour groups to operate simultaneously in the same area

Unlimited number of receivers can be paired to a tour guide transmitter

Light Tour Guide System

2H get full charged, 23H continuous use

2.4GHz license-free worldwide channels accommodating hundreds of groups working on the same place as long as they are on different channels

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Support 2 Transmitters Work Simultaneously

Receivers could hear voice messages from two transmitters on the same channel

NOTE: only 1 transmitter included in our package

Translation System for Churches

You can adjust the volume to a comfortable level without disturbing others

Set channels for all receivers simultaneously

AUX Input Jack for Tour Guide System Transmitter

Transmitter support 3.5mm AUX input which enables to connect of an MP3, PC, phone, etc. to plug as sound sources,

You can play background music or pre-recorded voice files by this function

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Ear-hook Design for Tour Guide System Receivers

Lightweight, 18g for each receiver, 70g for each transmitter

Clean and comfortable, no need to plug the receiver headset into the ear

One-click to make all receivers mute

Mute Function for Tour Guide System Transmitter

Tour guide transmitter has a mute function

If the interpreter sometimes does not want the audience to hear his speech, he can press the mute button and the audience will not hear his speech

USB Charging Tour Guide System Receivers

USB charging slots for each receiver

USB charging cable for each receiver are included

One-click to turn off all connected receivers

32 Ports Charging Box

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TT106 Wireless Transmitter TT106 Wireless Receiver
Frequency Range 2400~2483MHz Frequency Range 2400~2483MHz
ID Number 9999 ID Number 9999
Supply Voltage DC3.7V Supply Voltage DC3.7V
Transmitting power <=50mW TIS -90dBm
Frequency stability ±0.001 Frequency stability ±0.001
SNR 80dB SNR 80dB
Size 97*63*18mm Size 65*58*11mm
Weight 70g Weight 18g
Charge time 3H Charge time 2H
Working time 25H Working time 23H
Battery specification 3.7V/1300mA Battery Specification 3.7V/380mA
Charge Jack MINI USB Charge Jack MINI USB
Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz Modulation frequency deviation ±320KHz
Working current 62mA Working current 15mA
Communication range 150m (open air) Standby current 1mA
Charging voltage DC5V Charging current 320mA
Communication range 150m (open air)
Charging voltage DC5V

Q: How many pieces of receivers can I use in one group?

A: It max support 9999 channels

Q: Can I use 2 pieces of transmitters in one group?

A: Yes, you can. All the receivers will get 2 transmitters' signals at the same time.

Q: How long can i use the transmitter and receivers?

A: The transmitters use a 1300mAh battery, it can work 25 hours once you charge fully.

and receives use 300mAh battery, can work up to 20 hours.

Q: Can i use the wireless tour guide system in my country?

A: There system adopts 2.4G technology, it is free in the whole world. Of course, you can use it.

Q: Can i buy another type charging box for it?

A: Yes, we also have 64 ports, you can contact us to get the price.

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