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Retekess wireless communication products such as pager systems, push for service, tour guide systems, and window intercom systems focus on the customers, provide superior service for them, make the enterprise more trusted by guests, and expand your brand influence. These help businesses get more customers and increase revenue.

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Retekess wireless pager and tour guide system

New Arrival

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15% Off for All T130s-T131s Audio Guide System Combinations

From 30th, Dec. 2022 to 30th, Jan. 2023

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Retekess new arrival tt112 tt111 earhanging tour guide system

TT112 TT111 Earhanging Tour Guide System

light and comfortable, UHF technology and stable signal, Earpiece for universal left and right

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retekess td166 long range alpha pager system

TD166 Alphanumeric Pager System Long Range Up To 5KM

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Retekess customize products

We have a professional development team to meet your customized needs, such as product color, logo, function, language, packaging, etc.

Retekess customize communication solution

Combined with the characteristics of each industry, we provide enterprises with exclusive communication solutions to improve efficiency and increase profits.

Retekess customize package quantity

There is great flexibility in working directly with Retekess and we will provide you with the package quantity you need depending on the size of your business.

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Testimonials from Our Partners

I have been in the restaurant business over 40 years. I currently own 4 restaurants. We spent over $2000 for a pager system years ago when technology was not what it is today. This Retekess system was put in place recently: It immediately worked perfectly! The range is unbelievable.
We have an extremely large and busy restaurant where Covid precautions demand waiting outside of the building.
The range of these pagers is remarkable! People love them as they can wait in their car now. I give the product and the company my highest approval

- Rob Stinson

Everything I want in one case.
This tour guide system package is great for out team. We can gather up, and quickly move to another location, distribute the heads sets. Many of our conferences involve indoor and outdoor venues. The simplicity of having the case as a charger can't be over looked. Just plug it in at the end of the day and they are ready again in the morning. While the lapel mic is good. We added a headset mic for better noise cancelling and clarity. It's changed the client experience dramatically. From issues with different volumes of translators and wind noise - to a calm and enjoyable experience for all and I get to sit and listen too!

-Jason Murray

We made the right decision to get Retekess long range pager system. There is no delay from when you call the pager to when it starts ringing. They became a life changer for a very busy truck. Our food Truck customers love them. It lets them look around the event or just wait in their car. My employees don’t have too shout-out names it seams to keep them happy

-Terry Thompson

They are outstanding. So far does everything and more that was promised, my greatest fear was: range and this thing throw signal. I was worried about getting out to our parking lot (through multiple exam rooms, lots of sheetrock, reflection and refraction, then past an x-ray room), but this thing pages easily past our entire parking lot into our second building. These pager systems have been in constant use at our facility for 6 months now and everybody loves them. They're really well made, couldn't be happier.

-David B.

This translation equipment is a really great value at a very reasonable price! I've bought and used equipment costing three times as much and, Retekess is just as good!
I was surprised when I received this Wireless Language Interpreting Equipment because the transmitter and receivers were so small. The equipment works great right out of the box. The transmission is clear, the charge lasts for a whole day. Steven Vesely

-Steven Vesely

we bought Retekess receivers and transmitters for a group of tourists, it sounds perfectly, a clear and loud sound. Get the signal very well, we got to have people 40 meters away but they listened to everything. The material seems of quality, I have had other models and this one is more robust, they are easy to use. We have had no problems getting them up. Perfect for its use and definition. We will definitely expand the order soon.