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Retekess TT124 2-way Tour Guide System Kit 2-way Communication System with 28-port Charging Case for Tour and Plant Tours

SKU: LP23103102-LP23103103X27-LP21062501

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TT124 2-way tour guide system kit includes 1 transmitter, 27 receivers ( vice transmitters ), and a 28-port charging case

One-way talk mode and two-way intercom mode can be switched at will

UHF transmission reduces noise and improves sound quality

The transmitter works for 7 h; receiver works for 12 h

Adjustable volume from 1-9 levels

Transmission range 280 meters

Large Size LED Display

13 channels selectable

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retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-two-way-communication Two-way communication

In addition to supporting transmitter-to-receiver transmission, the receiver can also conveniently pass information to the transmitter; the visitor simply presses the SET button on the receiver or the talk button on the headset, and all group members, including transmitters, can hear what visitors and presenters are talking about. The TT124 two-way tour guide system solves the shortcomings of the one-way wireless tour guide system, which lacks interactivity: tourists cannot timely feedback their own problems, and the presenter cannot quickly understand the situation of tourists. We need to improve this situation with a two-way tour guide system to make the event more perfect and successful.

retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-easy-to-use Easy to use

Whether it's adjusting the channel or volume, or switching between one-way and two-way talk modes, all the functions are easy to operate without tedious steps and no experience is required to use them.

retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-crystal-clear-sound Crystal-clear sound

The 2-way communication system uses UHF frequency transmission with high fidelity sound quality so that every word of communication is heard clearly, without background noise and static, and without transmission delay. 10 levels of volume adjustment range allow visitors to freely choose a comfortable volume.

retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-long-range-communication Long range two-way communication system

The transmitter and receiver are used over a distance of up to 280 meters, making it ideal if you have a large number of visitors, or a large tour site. This way your visitors don't have to congregate near the transmitter and they have a larger range of motion to stop at places of interest to them.

retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-one-way-and-two-way-switchable One-way and two-way switchable

TT124 2-way intercom system supports one-way presentation and two-way intercom mode switching to meet your diverse needs. When the presenter wants the visitor to focus on what he is saying, he can use the one-way explanation mode; when both parties need to interact, the presenter can switch to the two-way mode, and then the visitor can press the call to speak to the presenter (including all group members).

retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-lock-screen-function Lock screen function

Two-way tour guide system with screen lock function, when locked, no matter click any button, the device will not change. This means that the user can do any body movement as he wants without worrying about accidentally touching the button. If you want to adjust the channel or volume, you only need to press and hold the Lock button for more than 3 seconds to unlock it.

retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-pair-unlimted-receivers Adding receivers

Wireless transmitter can be paired with and used together with countless receivers, with no limit to the number of receivers. If you need more receivers, contact us to get them.

retekess-tt124-2-way-tour-guide-system-long-standby-time Long standby time

The transmitter has a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be used continuously for 7 hours on a full charge, and the receiver has a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be used continuously for 12 hours, which is enough for most tours, factory visits or teaching and training.

retekess-tt124 2-way-tour-guide-system-durable-charging-case Durable charging case

The matching 28-port charging case can charge 1 transmitter and 27 receivers at the same time, so even if you have a lot of devices, it's easy to charge them with the charging case. The charging case is made of aluminum alloy, which is drop-proof and fireproof, sturdy and durable. You can also use it as a storage case, and it will be more convenient to carry it on business trips.

Applications of TT124 two-way tour guide system


Factory Tour

When the demonstrator introduces various aspects of the factory to visitors, he can use a one-way approach to deliver information to the audience, which can avoid many people competing for questions and delaying the tour process. After the presentation, he can switch to two-way mode, and then the audience can press the call button to interact with the speaker.

Group Tour

There is no doubt that travel agencies should give top priority to tourists' satisfaction, so using TT124 wireless tour guide system is a wise choice for them. If tourists have any questions about the places of interest in front of them, they can ask the tour guide and get a quick response in a timely manner. The guide also doesn't have to deliver information unilaterally, which is boring, he can interact with the tourist in real time to capture his attention and enhance his experience.

Training and teaching

In scenarios such as equestrian training, staff training and conference lectures, the 2-way tour guide system allows the listener to deliver information to the presenter, and the information he delivers can be heard by all group members, not just the presenter, then the presenter does not need to answer the same question multiple times, and it also creates a teaching atmosphere where group members interact.

In fact, its application scenarios are much more than these, in all occasions that require long-distance wireless communication between two parties, the TT124 two-way communication system can play no small role.

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Main Transmitter:

  • Frequency Range:863.0.0MHz-865.0MHz & 823.0.0MHz-832.0MHz
  • Channel Number:13CH
  • Transmitter Power: 18dBm
  • Supply Voltage:3.0-5.0VDC
  • Audio Input:3.5mm line 
  • Oscillator: All digital
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-16KHz
  • SNR:80dB(Typical)
  • Image Rejection:>80dB
  • Image& Spurious Rejection :>75dB
  • Channel Spacing:1MHz
  • Separation: 75dB(Typical)
  • Distortion:<1%
  • Working currency: 80mA(18dBm)
  • Furthest Distance:200Meter
  • Size:70*50*17mm
  • Wight:72g

Vice transmitter

  • frequency Range:863.0.0MHz-865.0MHz & 823.0.0MHz-832.0MHz
  • channel Number:13CH
  • Supply Voltage:3.0-5.0VDC
  • Audio Input:3.5mm line
  • Oscillator: All digital
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-16KHz
  • SNR:80dB(Typical)
  • Image Rejection:>80dB
  • Image& Spurious Rejection :>75dB
  • Channel Spacing:1MHz
  • Receiver Sensitivity:-100dBm(Typical)
  • Separation:75dB(Typical)
  • Distortion:<1%
  • Working currency:50mA
  • Furthest Distance:280Meter
  • Size:70*50*17mm
  • Wight:72g


1 x main transmitter

27 x vice transmitter

28 x speaker mic

1 X 28-slot charging case

1x User manual

Q: How many vice transmitter can you use with one main transmitter?

A: You can use unlimited vice transmitters(receivers) with one main transmitter.

Q: Can all the tour guide system talk?

A: Yes, all the transmitter and receivers can talk.

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