Retekess Wireless Call Button Transmitter 4 Keys 433MHz

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Retekess wireless call button with 4 keys: call, order, pay, cancel

Make the waiter know the detailed demands of the customers in time

Can match with the watch receiver and the wireless display receiver work together

12V 23A battery, it replaceable and lasts long

Easy to program

4 Keys Function

The wireless call button has 4 keys, CALL, ORDER, PAY, and CANCEL. It is waterproof and it is a good choice for restaurants, cafe shops, bars, hotels, hospitals and so on. It

helps the servers know the detailed demands of the customers and offer them the corresponding service then. It is an easy and efficient way to improve

operations and increase customer satisfaction

Replaceable Battery

The call button is powered by a 23A 12V alkaline battery, it lasts a long time and very easy to replace the battery after running out of power. Save money to replace the whole

call button because of no power.

Easy to Stall

It comes with double-sided adhesive tape in the package, you just need to paste the call button to the table, with the sticker design, you don't need to worry about the buttons

loss issue

Strong and Stable Signal

The call button work at the frequency of 433MHz with learning code. Compared with fixed code type, the signal interference can be well controlled with better signal stability.

The range up to 200m in the open area

Easy to pair and use

We could use the Retekess T128 watch receiver or the Retekses display receiver to work with the button, they are very easy to reprogram, and after reprogramming, the

customers will know the meaning easily

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RF frequency: 433MHz

Modulation mode: AM

Working chip: learning code

Power:12V23A battery (included and replaceable)

Emission distance: 200 meters (open area)

Working temperature: -20 Celsius to 55 Celsius

Size: 70 x 65 x 28mm / 2.8 x 2.6 x 1.1 in

Weight: 40g / 1.4oz

Material: plastic

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