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Retekess Tour Guide System

Tour Guide System

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About Retekess

Retekess has been innovating and working hard in the field of Wireless Communication Technology for more than 10 years. We aim to adopt wireless technology to make communication easier and more efficient, Retekess products and solutions serve over 20 industries.
Retekess has professional teams working on wireless technology application and innovation, software, market research and development, quality control, warehouse management and customer support. Based on the high-quality products and professional customer support, Retekess won a great reputation from customers all over the world. Choose Retekess, Choose success!

Tour Guide System is Suitable for All Indoor and Outdoor Activities in Quiet and Noisy Environments


With a tour guide system, tourist guides can talk to the group easily without having to stop, turn, face the group and shout to attract the attention of tourists or be heard. Make your guided group tour to an unforgettable experience and attract more repeat customers.

Ideal for group tours like walking tour, boat tour, bus tour, museum, castle, farm tour, choral tour, etc

Factory Tour

Factories typically have noisy manufacturing equipment, guiding a tour in the factory and ensuring everyone could hear the speaker was a challenge. With a tour guide system, the speaker can describe the process of producing and showcase what sets the company apart from the competition without the stress

Simultaneous Interpretation

Tour guide system is ideal for portable simultaneous interpretation system since it provides flexible grouping in the same or multiple locations with multiple groups, they enable the speakers and interpreters to deliver crystal clear sound to every audience in a language they understand without interference. Suits for church translation, international conferences, university classes for foreign-language students and more

Training and Education

Tour guide system eliminate barriers to mobile group communication, including distance, face masks, background noise, and hearing loss. Radio guide system enables the coach to communicate with the participant during training like Yoga and horse riding. Also, allow businesses to train new staff while maintaining a safe social distance

Guest Paging System is Suitable for All Businesses that Need Customers to Wait for Orders or Services

Fast Food Restaurants

Retekess driver paging system makes it possible to control everything in the office or on the ramp, control loading and unloading flow is the most important factor to avoid traffic flow chaos, with driver pager system, you can direct drivers to deliver goods by the right ramp at the right time. It is an effective tool to control waiting vehicles and maintains safety

Church Nursery

Vibrating pager systems allow you to reach parents silently and instantly in a range of 1000m. Parents can trust that they can be contacted if they are needed while attending church activities, which improves attendance in young couples. The church nursery paging systems are widely used in churches, daycares, and more


Retekess driver paging system makes it possible to control everything in the office or on the ramp, control loading and unloading flow is the most important factor to avoid traffic flow chaos, with driver pager system, you can direct drivers to deliver goods by the right ramp at the right time. It is an effective tool to control waiting vehicles and maintains safety

Pharmacies and Clinics

Clinic Pager System help you maintain patient confidentiality since they allow you to call patients with a vibrating and flashing pager instead of using a public announcement system. It is also an effective way to optimize patient flow. Retekess pagers are used in pharmacies, clinics, and more to call waiting patients or families

Service Call System is Applicable in All Industries and Environments that Guest Need Quickly Ask for Staff’s Attention


Service calling systems allow customers to push a call button to request a specific service without waving hands or shouting, waiters will receive requests with a simple wrist-watch receiver rather than have to wait at the table. Retekess service calling systems help you with higher efficiency, better customer service and increased revenue as well profit


Retail calling system allows guests in retail centers to call for service much easier instead of walking around to look for a waiter. Staff there can do other tasks without worrying about missing customers. With a waiter calling system to reduce customer frustration and avoid lost sales

Production and Industry

In today’s world, not many production companies can afford the costs incurred by production or machine stalls. Retekess calling systems allow staff to send a message or signal by simply pressing a call button to pager watch that is used by the manager or technical staff, it can minimize machine downtime

Healthcare Center

Nurse call system meets the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Patients only need to easily press the call button to seek help from doctors, nurses or other assistance. This saves a lot of time and provides efficiency in the clinic, and gives greater safety and satisfaction for the patients

Window Intercom System Provides Clear Communication Where Normal Speech is Impaired by Glass, a Security Screen or Other Similar Barriers

Testimonials from Our Partners

I was skeptical about this item, but bought it anyway because of the unbelievable amazon price. I've used it for the very first time on my food truck during a busy event and can honestly say that this product is absolutely amazing, it saves a lot of time and makes my business more efficient; it to mention how impressed my regular customers were at the newly adapted technology. It works just as good as the $$$$$ systems. I'd give it 10 stars!

- Antonia Evenstar

Bought these because I run a bar with a kitchen. Customers would come to the bar and order food and then turn around and wander off. They are drinking after all! But then their food would come out of the kitchen and the hunt was on! Many times we couldn't find the customer because they had wandered off to smoke or talk with other people. And when we did find them their food would no longer be hot and fresh. So we started giving them the pagers. Not they get a buzz and come get their food. If they don't come and get their food when buzzed, that's on them and not us. This way we have a lot less redos in the kitchen and the customers are getting consistently hot food.

- Melka

These work well for our food truck. The customers like them and we love them! Easy to use. Easy to customize to your business. Sometimes the customer doesn’t always hear or feel the buzzer, but 98% of the time. They work great.

- Granola

This product is amazing, easy to use, I hope keep working for long time! Retekess is great, right on time, giving merchants opportunity to grow their business !

- Sandra De León