Kitchen calling system



  • Improve service efficiency
  • Reduce stuff cost
  • Create pleasant environment
  • Enhance restaurant image

What is kitchen calling system

Kitchen calling system adopts wireless technology, connecting waiter and chef together. It is widely used in the kitchen for chef to reach out to serving staff when the food is ready. The kitchen calling system is a paging device, which allows you to easily call the server to send food out, thus creats a more inviting service atmosphere. This system helps you to be more productive by reducing mis-communication between kitchen and serving staff as well as preventing cold food serving. No need to yell out to create a pleasant environment, enhance restaurant image and improve your business.

Using subject


Place a display to get all customers call record


Press keypad transmitter to call waiter get food


Get information from kitchen


Kitchen calling system consists of keyboard transmitter(kitchen) host display(kitchen/counter), wrist watch(waiter/waiteress). You can make your choice to put the keyboard transmitter in the kitchen table or hang it on the wall. The keyboard transmitter max supports 999 channels. Once the food is ready, chef can press the number to call waiter, who wear the wrist watch pager will get the number, getting the food quickly and sending it to customers. Besides, restaurant owner can put a host receiver in the counter. When chef press the number to call, owner will see it and ask corresponding waiter to get food.

Custom Solutions

Solution Benefits

  • Create pleasant environment
  • Chef no need to yell out waiter to get food for customer.
  • Eliminate patron complaints of cold food
  • No need to worry about waiter not able to serve their food in time. The server can be easily alerted by the system through the wrist watch pager -vibration, flash and beeper.
  • Reduce cost
  • Balance excessive wage and labour costs associate with food runner and waiter.
  • Increase revenue and profit
  • The system helps to improve table serving by just in time. It also helps to bring in more customers as the atmosphere become more inviting. It helps to increase revenue and profit.


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