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Welcome doorbell



  • Improve working efficiency
  • Enhance restaurant image

What is a Welcome Doorbell

The welcome device adopts infrared pyroelectric technology to sense human activity. When someone enters the sensing range, it will accurately identify human activities. Once the human body passes, it will send warm reminders, alarms, greeting, and so on.

Using subject


Install it on or beside the door to sense customer activity


Install the welcome doorbell in the ceiling or aisle of the entrance where customers and intrude go back and forth. Installation by screws will be better than double-side tap. There are 4 keys in all: power on/off, mode key, choose music key and volume key. And there are 3 models: welcome/doorbell mode(default), alarm remind mode, night light mode in all, you can choose welcome/doorbell mode in your restaurant. It also supports inpute the language by yourself.

Custom Solutions


  • Enhance restaurant image
  • Adopt modern technology to sense customers, fashion and cool.
  • Reduce missing customer
  • Once the doorbell ring, people will know a new customer come and then ask him to make an order.
  • Improve working efficiency
  • Treat every customer in time, the customer no need to wait for order, improving customer's satisfaction.
  • Increase revenue and profit
  • Reduce cost to hire specialized stuff to say hell to every customer, bring profits for your restaurant business.


restaurants, bars, cafes, food courts.