Retekess T129 Wireless Receiver 2.4GHz Tour Guide System 30 Channels

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T129 wireless receiver 2.4Ghz Powered by 2 AA battery Volume Adjustable Comes with earpiece 30 channels

Tour guide system receiver 2.4GHz has clear sound; less signal interference; easy to use with advanced digital wireless technology;
2.4GHz transmission technology has many advantages; signal penetration; long transmission distance; strong anti attenuation; so it is suitable for church court conference meeting and education translation

Crystal Sound with Stable Signal
Tour guide system adopts copper material antenna; so the signal reception can be more clear and stable compared with plastic antenna; Audio mute when no signal or weak signal existing

Volume Adjustment
You can change the receive volume higher or lower more easily; convenient to use

Easy to carry
170g net weight; lightweight; small size; there is belt design; also it comes with earphone; more comfortable to wear; very convenient for portable use

Less signal interference
Tour guide system adopts 2.4GHz working frequency; more stable; talking almost zero noise or static;the next room with no interruption or decrease in sound quality for court translation

Easy to operate
Wireless tour guide system support maximum 30 channels; also current channel; battery level status; and you can turn on or turn off the receiver freely; no need to worry battery power lose

Low power consumption
It is powered by 2 AA battery; they can be replaced when the power runs out; If it is rechargeable battery type; tour guide system also supports recharge; easy to use, and it can last about more than 20 hours continuous work time

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Number of Channels: 30
S/N Ratio: above 75dB
Latency: less than 0.5ms
Power Supply: 2 x AA battery
Recharge: Support

Package Includes:
1xT129 Receiver
1x Earphone

  • Strong Signal;Tour guide system adopts higher working frequency with digital wireless technology; copper material detachable antenna; better signal penetration; long transmission distance; strong anti attenuation capability for indoor outdoor use

  • Signal stability; it supports up to 30 selectable channels; with 0.5ms short latency; audio mute when no signal or weak signal existing; Signal is very well received and signal covers a wide range even with a few walls and obstacles in between

  • Long working hours; Tour guide system uses 2 AA battery; Interpretation System supports recharge if the battery is rechargeable;low power consumption;last more than 20 hours continuous work time for receiver; with battery power level status shown

  • Easy to use; you can turn on or off the receiver more freely; so the receiver does not always keep standby state to save battery power effectively; with volume adjustment function; so the receiver can change the volume higher or lower freely

  • Small size; 118x48x135mm; appropriate appearance; with special belt design;tour guide system is comfortable to handhold; it can work well for church court or meeting conference translation

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