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TD162 Guest Paging System Restaurant Pager Buzzers

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Social distancing buzzer pagers

Pager works up to 20 hours with fully charged

Support 998 coaster pagers

Shut down all pagers at once

Prompt time from 1s to 250s

Coaster paging system with 7 prompt options

TD162 wireless calling system includes 1 keypad transmitter and 10 coaster pagers, you could add up to 998 pagers according to the business needs. No wifi requested. The special design is more convenient to charge and take the right number pager when needed. The social distancing buzzer pager system is suitable for restaurants, factories, cafe shops, food court clinics, church nurseries, offices, and many other queue occasions.

Easy to install restaurant pager

The complete set has been paired by default setting, you just need to plug it into the power source and put the pagers on the charging slots. The pagers with a number on the top, easy to select the right pager for customers.

Also it's easy to add more pagers if needed, 998 pagers could be added for one set paging system.

Paging system range up to 400m

There's the built-in antenna for the keypad transmitter, it has a stable signal and ranges up to 400m in the open area.

Rechargeable restaurant pagers with long working time

The coaster pagers built-in 300mAh lithium battery, easy to recharge and standby time last 20 hours with fully charged.

Waiting buzzers with 7 prompt options

The guest pagers could be set with beep, vibration, flash, and the 3 prompt modes could be combined at will which makes it suits for a variety of businesses. Also the (beep, vibration, flash) speed is adjustable in 3 levels.

Prompt time of the social distancing buzzer is adjustable

The guest pager prompt time could be set from 1s to 250s, no worry about the customer will miss the call.

Guest paging system with touch screen

The pager keypad transmitter designed with a touch screen keypad with easy-to-identify numbers, it displays the calling number to reduce mistakes.

Adjustable keypad ID

The keypad transmitter ID could be set from 1 to 999, with this function, you could use many sets of the same guest paging system in the same area without interference.

Also you could set different keypad transmitters to the same ID to realize calling the same guest pager in different areas.

Turn off the 10 guest pagers at once

After a day's work, the manager just needs to press 999 and Call button to turn off all the pagers on the charging slots.

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Guest Pager

Operating Voltage: DC 3.7V

Standby current: ≤9mA

Standby time: ≈20Hour

Receiving sensitivity -110dBm

Battery capacity: 300mAh (Rechargeable battery)

Weight: 44g/1.55oz

Size: 80*11.5mm

Keypad Transmitter

Power input: DC12V/1A

Weight: 240g/8.47oz

Size: 270*90*29mm

Power Supply Standard: US, EU, AU, UK

Q: Can we buy 3 sets and use in the same area with 3 different signals?

A: Yes, the TD162 paging system allows you to change the keypad ID to use them in the same area without interference

Q: Can I request for custom logo on each pager?

A: Yes, we provide customized service.  You just need to email us with your requirements and Retekess will help you to realize it. 

Q: Is there any way to boost the signal?

A: Yes, you could use Retekess TD021 signal amplifier to increase the range. Also you could check Retekess TD103 and TD156 long range paging system, the range of them up to 1000m without a signal amplifier. 

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