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Retekess TR619W Wireless Voice Amplifier with Headset Microphone for Teachers

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Retekess TR619W wireless voice amplifier with headset microphone for teachers 

High volume, good sound quality, good sound reduction

Loudspeaker howling is well controlled

Support stereo reverb, good reverb effect

Retekess TR619W Wireless Voice Amplifier with Headset Microphone is very suitable for teachers, tour guides, and instructors for using

indoor and outdoor voice savers. Not only has good sound quality, but also has good control over the howling. While protecting the

voice of the speaker, it also brings a better experience to the audience

Wireless or Wired Microphone

The default is a wireless microphone when power on, except that the voice amplifier works in FM mode. Insert the wired microphone plug into the microphone jack to switch to wired microphone mode. Can be selected according to different scenarios

Recording and FM radio

Support recording and FM radio listening. In the wireless microphone or audio input mode, short press the recording button to switch to the

recording mode, and then start recording. Press the function key to switch to FM mode, press and hold the play/pause button to allow the radio to

search for radio stations. The frequency is automatically from 87.5MHz to 108MHz

USB, TF Card, and External Audio Playback

TF not only supports the recording function but also stores external files for playback. Supports playback of MP3 / WMA audio format files

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Charging voltage           5V

USB output                5V 0.15A

Output power              3W

Working voltage           DC3.7V

Frequency response       100Hz-20KHz

SNR                   ≥50dB

Distortion degree           ≤1.5%

Speaker Power           2Ω  5W

UHF                      639-897MHz

UHF distance           50m

FM                       87.5-108MHz

Battery capacity           1500mAh

Working time               3-4h

Charging time           4-6h

Mic                       3.5mm

Size                       87*129*46mm

Weight                   222.6g


Package includes

1 x TR619W Amplifier Digital Player

1 x AUX audio cable

1 x Headset microphone

1 x straps


Q: Can I record my songs with the mini portable voice amplifier?

A: Yes, but you need to insert a TF card/ USB disk or plug-in Mic first when using this portable voice amplifier as a recording device

Q: Will this voice amplifier work with a wireless microphone?

A: This pa system comes with a wired microphone, but you can purchase a wireless microphone TT123. This voice amplifier is compatible with a 3.5mm

wireless microphone

Q: Can two voice amplifiers be used independently in the same room without experiencing wireless channel interference?

A: Yes, you can. You just need to set them in different FM frequencies

Q: Can I use the mic and the USB music with the voice amplifier at the same time?

A: Yes, you can

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