11.11 Big Sales on Retekess Ear Hook Tour Guide System

11.11 Big Sales on Retekess Ear Hook Tour Guide System

11.11 Big Sales on Retekess Ear Hook Tour Guide System

11.11 big sale is coming, Retekess is having a big sale for the global shopping festival

We choose types of tour guide systems with 11.11 big sales, but we also have a promotion for the new arrival-TT111, TT112, and TT113 audio ear hook type guide systems. TT112 and TT113 are transmitters,  but TT112 is bigger, and TT113 is more portable. For the TT111 receiver, you can change the side by yourself, it can be for the right ear or left ear.

portable tour guide system

For the other features, you can check the below:

UHF 863-865MHz/902-928MHz 

For the frequency, we make 2 types, and for the 863-865MHz, it is widely used in Europe. The most important thing is that it is legal. So you can use it in any scene, such as tour guide, conference, training, and translation. The other model, it is smaller, and the range is 902-928MHz, the transmitter is very small and easy to handle, so you can use it in church, translation, and so on. And it is also widely used in the USA.

Long working range

Due to the frequency, the working range is longer than other types of tour guide systems. It will reach 200M in the open area. We only have a two-way system that works like this, and most of them work from 20-100M. So if you need a long working range, the TT111 TT112 or TT113 will be the best choice.

11.11 Sales

Halloween is coming when we listed the items, so we have a big promotion for it. And the promotion will also last until 11.14. So you have enough time to check all the features and inquiry us the more details. If you would like to buy it, pls email us at support@retekess.com. 

Don't let the 11.11 pass, if you need any tour guide system, especially the ear hook type, pls check Retekess TT111 and TT113. It is with the biggest promotion until 14th Oct. We will be here to wait for your message and hope that our system will help your business well.

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