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3 Retekess Tour Guides System that Can Be Used for Translation

3 Retekess Tour Guides System that Can Be Used for Translation

3 Retekess Tour Guides System that Can Be Used for Translation

The Retekess tour guide system is known for its high quality and cost-effective price, ensuring clear and crisp audio transmission during guided tours or similar activities and many of guides can afford it.

Based on the feedback, I select 3 models that most popular due to the high sound qulity. 

T130S T131S 

The T130S T131S ,which is the update version of T130 T131,  is a versatile solution suitable for translation applications. It features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and use during tours or events. The system supports multiple channels, allowing for simultaneous translation in different languages. With clear audio transmission and reliable signal strength, the T130 ensures effective communication between the translator and listeners.


The TT116 system is the new arrival at the earlier of 2024. we sell hundreds of pcs receivers, and from the feedback, the quality of the sound is great, due to that it adopts noise reduction technology to anti-interference, ensure stable signal, and clear sound quality. So most of customers said that TT116 with a high quality of sound.


TT122 is one of the most popular of Retekess tour guide system, becasue of the fashion design and high quality of sound. We sell this model since 3 years ago, once we list it in the marketing, the white and black design make it  stand out during several models. The most important is that the high quality makes it last for long. 

You can use any of the 3 models in conference, and church for translation.  So if you don't know how to choose system for  your buisiness, you can email us directly. We will choose the best solution.

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