Factory Visit by Using Retekess Tour Guide System

Factory Visit by Using Retekess Tour Guide System

Factory Visit by Using Retekess Tour Guide System

Factory visits made easy with tour guide systems

Executives are used to comfortable meeting rooms, in which communication is simple and direct, but from time to time they need to make visits to factory floors or assemble lines, where many different factors will affect being able to carry out a straightforward conversation. These places are often noisy due to loud machinery that obliges workers to talk at the top of their voices to be heard. Uneven space can be a restricting factor as well, especially in cases where groups of 10 or more executives need to be in touch with each other while walking along narrow corridors or elevated platforms that are not designed for such use.

In these situations, there is usually one speaker that acts as a tour guide of sorts for the executives, describing the different stations and items they see as they walk along the floor. And without the assistance of technology to reduce background noise, it will become impossible to properly convey a crisp and clear message.

A tour guide system consists of a hands-free transmitter with a headset microphone for the speaker, wireless receivers with headphones for the participants, and a charging cable, a charging base or case, and lanyards.

Both receivers and transmitters must be on the same channel or frequency to let the speaker’s voice come through on the receiver’s end. This means that each receiver automatically connects to the frequency that the speaker’s transmitter is broadcasting in, and through headphones, participants listen loud and clear to the spoken words. The range of the transmitter allows the executives to wander on their own within the floor and not stay restricted to be near the speaker to hear, or even each other. It is an easy-to-use and smart solution that will satisfy both the participants and the tour guides.

The best systems in the market for factory visits

T130/T131 tour guide system is the most cost-effective tour guide system for Retekess, we had sold it for about 5 years, it is very popular due to the high quality and best price, You can use it for the factory tour. There are 99 channels, you can set it based on your needs. It is within the build-in 900mAh battery, the working time can up to 10 hours. The working range can be up to 30-50M in an open area. We also have a long working range, such as TT109, TT122, the working range can up to 150M in an open area. You can choose the models based on your needs. Due to that, the original earpiece is not head type, so it may not reduce the noise well. So if there are many noises, you can check other models or buy professional noise-canceling headphones. If other questions, pls email us at support@retekess.com

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