How to choose Retekess Tour Guide System?

How to choose Retekess Tour Guide System?

How to choose Retekess Tour Guide System?

How to choose Retekess Tour Guide System?

Retekess Tour Guide Systems have been sold all over the world, the systems are served for tourism, church, translation, training, factory and many other industries.  

There are many individual requirements from our customers since they need the wireless transmitter and receiver to be used for a variety of industries.

I hope this article is useful for you to choose the suitable model of Retekess tour guide system for your purpose of usage.

Q: Which one is the most economical and practical tour guide system?

A: T130/T130 audio system, the price is lower and they are made of metal shells.

Q: Which model supports 2 guides in one group at the same time?

A: TT106 and TT105 two-way tour guide system

The TT105 supports two guides talk with each other, but the TT106 model does not support that.

Q: Which model has the longest communication distance?

A: TT109, the range up to 180m in the open area, we can also produce the system for you with the range of 300m if needed.

Q: Which model is the easiest one to use?

A: TT109 is very easy to operate.

Q: Which model has the longest working time?

TT101/TT102 tour guide system, it takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge them, and the transmitter works last for 20 hours, and the receiver works last for 40 hours.

Q: Which model has the best sound quality?

A: T126 wireless transmitter and T127 wireless receiver. They are produced with the anti-interference coil to improve the sound quality.

Q: Which models have the out of range alarm function?

A: TT106 and TT107, when the receivers out of range from the transmitter, the receivers will make a dripping sound to remind the listener.

Q: Which models are allowed to use worldwide without licenses?

A: TT105, TT106, TT107, TT108, and TT109.

The TT105, TT106, TT107and TT109 tour guide systems operate at the frequency of 2.4Ghz, and the TT108 system operates at the frequency of 860-870Mhz.

We will provide more information to help customers to learn more information about the difference between the different models of Retekess Audio Guide System

Also, welcome you leave comments about your questions on Retekess products.

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