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How to choose Retekess T111 or T112 Wireless Guest Pager System?

Retekess T111 and T112 paging systems can meet different needs. You can choose a more suitable paging system according to the scale of your business.  ...

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Retekess T112 Paging System Trouble Shooting

In this article, you can check the problem with T112 guest paging system, such as how to program the pagers, how to change the prompt way, and how to replace the paper. If you still have a problem with the paging system, pls let us know.  ...

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What special functions does the Retekess T112 paging system have

Retekess T112 paging systems support two keyboard transmitters to call the same pager. Also, it has 20 pagers charging slots, a large-capacity rechargeable battery and an easy setting option.  ...

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How to set one pager working with one more keypad transmitters?

Many of Retekess guest calling systems support more than one keyboard transmitters to call one same pager. It allows the staff from different areas to call the same guest if needed. You could learn the setting method of Retekess T111, T112, SU-68G-10, and T119 paging systems.  ...

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Why Do You Need The TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System

TT112 Wireless System revolutionizes group communication with lightweight designed ear hook receivers, 200-meter range, intuitive operation and two charging modes (USB charging and Charging case charging in batches). Versatile applications enhance experiences in tourism, plant tours, churches, conferences,etc.  ...

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Introducing the Whisper Tour Guide System: Your Ultimate Work Companion

Get a whisper Tour Guide System, improve your work efficiency and make your customer satisfied.  ...

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Retekess T111/T112 Paging Systems

Frequently Asked Questions About the Retekess T111/T112 Paging Systems includes how to pair the pager /how to set pager ID/how to add additional pager,how to delete the pairing of the pager,how to change the prompt mode of the receiver  ...

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How to set the prompt way of TD173 guest paging system

Retekess TD173 guest paging system has 10 types of prompt ways, you can change the keypad or pagers based on your needs. It can meet the different applications, such as in the quiet price or noise place. Email us at support@retekess.com to get more details  ...

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Top 3 Wireless Calling System of Retekess

List some good features of the wireless calling system. And hope it ishelpful for you to make dicision.  ...

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