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Tag Archives :church

Improving the church experience with church translation equipment

Enhance the church interpreting experience with church translation equipment that better meets the needs of cross-linguistic groups and makes it easier for those involved in worship to understand and participate in the service  ...

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How to Set Up the Drive-in Church?

It is very easy to set up the drive in church, you just need an FM transmitter and set it in the correct way. People need community and hope! The drive in church service is necessary for every church  ...

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Affordable Church Hearing Assistance System

Church hearing assistance system helps those with hearing impairments better hear the services. By utilizing a transmitter and receivers, the church can amplify audio and transmit it wirelessly to individuals wearing the receivers.  ...

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Which Tour Guide System is Best for Church

The tour guide system is widely used in church for translation. T130S and T131S are the best choice for church, due to the high quality of sound and cost-effective price.  ...

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Why Does Church Nursery Need Wireless Pager Systems?

Retekess offers church nursery pager systems to silently call parents immediately and do not disturb church services.  ...

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Which FM Transmitter is Available for the Drive-in Church Now?

As we all know, COVID-19 is more serious in the whole world. The government's advised us to stay at home to keep safe. So we have the new way to do the church services now-Drive-in church using the FM broadcast transmitter in the parking lot. Many FM transmitters in the market are out of stock, but Retekess makes the new one meet the marking needs.  ...

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Importance of Paging Systems in Church Nurseries

Retekess Pager System is recommended as the best choice due to its ease of use, long-range, multiple channels, and durable battery life. Consider investing in a paging system for your church nursery today.  ...

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Why Churches Need Church Translation Devices

The use of church translation devices ensures that everyone can fully participate in the service, regardless of their language level.  ...

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Retekess TT122 Church Translation Equipment

Retekess TT122 church translation equipment is widely used in churches, tour groups, museums, factories, outdoor teaching, etc.  ...

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How to Choose the Best Church Translation System

As congregations grow, more and more churches around the world are using church translation systems to host multilingual services.  ...

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