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Precautions for Using the Guest Pager System for Restaurant

Precautions for using the guest pager system for restaurant, you may face problems after using it for a while when you use the system, please check the details in the blog.  ...

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Good Features of Retekess TD175 and TD175P Restaurant Buzzer System

Good features of TD175 and TD175P restaurant buzzer system, such as changing the prompt way of the keypad, and promoting time. It is necessary for some customers. If you need the TD175, pls feel free to email us.  ...

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Set Prompt Beep Speed for Coaster Paging System 

Retekess paging system help change beep speed to catch attention of customers in restaurant and choose prompt mode you need.  ...

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How to Change the Notice Time for Retekess TD103 Calling System

Retekess TD103 setting issue, you can set 05-99s for notice time. It is quite easy to set. Check detail in the article.  ...

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Where and how to use the queue calling system during the COVID-19 period?

No close touch waiting is very important in COVID-19 period. So you should have one wireless calling system for your business. Not only the take out restaurant, clinic and supermarket. Only the customers need to wait. It works for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Paging System

Factors you should consider when choosing a paging system for restaurants and food truck. Distance, quantity, charging and warranty.  ...

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Retekess New Arrival Two-Way Voice Paging System

Retekess TD125 wireless two-way voice paging system will have the stock soon, you can leave a voice message to the people who work in the warehouse.  ...

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How to set the prompt way of TD173 guest paging system

Retekess TD173 guest paging system has 10 types of prompt ways, you can change the keypad or pagers based on your needs. It can meet the different applications, such as in the quiet price or noise place. Email us at support@retekess.com to get more details  ...

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Something You May Want to Know About Food Pagers: From Functionality to Maintenance and Cleaning

Discover the Power of Food Pagers: Streamlining Restaurant Operations and Elevating Customer Satisfaction. From restaurant pager systems to hospital beepers, these versatile devices optimize efficiency. Explore their applications, maintenance hacks, and cleaning techniques for prolonged reliability.  ...

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