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Retekess is Proud of Helping Many Companies Solved the Social Distancing Issue

Retekess is a technology company that provides wireless communication solutions, we are proud of helping many companies overcome the communication issue in the daiy work. Especially to solve the social distancing issue to allow many businesses to open during the COVID-19 period. Click to learn more of the successful cases from Retekess.  ...

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How to Choose Retekess Social Distancing Buzzer Paging System?

There are many guest paging system available on the market, here is the suggestion for you about how to choose the correct social distancing buzzer calling system for your business.  ...

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Why a Food Truck Need a Paging System

Retekess TD163 restaurant paging systems help food trucks to improve customer satisfaction. Protect customers and staff during COVID-19 breakout, keep the connection with customers while maintaining social distancing. Allow customers to wait for orders in their comfortable cars instead of staying out in the bad weather.  ...

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Why a Paging System is Necessary for Your Business During COVID-19

Guest paging system is a great tool for us to keep social distancing during COVID-19, it works well for all the businesses where need customers wait for services. The paging system allows customers to wait in their own cars or some open area.  ...

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How Much are Restaurant Pagers?

Retekess provides more than 20 models of guest paging systems, no matter you are looking for a long range paging system, alphanumeric pager, waterproof paging system, cost-effective paging system, coaster paging system, vibration paging system..., Retekess will meet your requirements.  ...

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How Restaurants Can Benefit From a Paging System

Guest paging system is the best choice for a restaurant to improve overall efficiency. With the help of a guest paging system, the restaurant will increase table turns, reduce staff cost, increase order speed, reduce cold meals and reheats, etc.  ...

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Where to Buy a Long Range Driver Paging System

Retekess TD159 paging system is the best long-range paging system to call truck drivers to improve efficiency for loading and unloading and ensures staff safety in logistic centers. It range up to 1500m and allow you sent text messages.  ...

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Solution for Floating Boat Cinema in September

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, drive-in movies have been making a comeback, and a company says a floating cinema allowing people to watch from mini-boats will be a new trend in the whole world. It is popular in the US, FR, AU, and other countries to help your business.  ...

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Retekess Annual Promotion | Come and Get the Coupon

Retekess focuses on wireless technology for almost 20 years.Our products includes Guest Paging System, Service Calling System, Tour Guide System for translation and tourism, FM Transmitter, and Radio Receivers. All the items request no WIFI to use and no extra communication costs. Welcome to place the order of Retekess products from Retekess Official Website to receiver the best price  ...

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