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Interpretation Solution for Court

Do you need the interpretation solution for court? Translation devices can help translators better to transmit information with masks.  ...

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Solution for the Use of the Tour Guide System under COVID-19

The solution for the use of the tour guide system revolves around how to achieve clear and stable sound transmission and how to sterilize the product easily and conveniently in the context of COVID-19. Description.  ...

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Calling Solution for kitchen to Waiter

Many restaurants need the solution for the kitchen to the waiter, and they also want the guest to call the waiter as well. Retekess calling system can solve the problem. And through the USB receiver, the computer can receive the call from the call button as well. So you can check the records later. If any questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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Solution for small retirement village with signal amplifier?

This article is talking about the range solution for retirement village. If it is small, this is a very effective way to make it works for you. If you have any request, feel free to email us at  ...

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Perfect Guest Paging System Solution for Bars with Kitchen

Retekess guest paging system for bars with kitchens helps to increase efficiency. IP67 waterproof performance, not afraid of wine spills  ...

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TD101 Queuing Calling System Solution for Long Waiting Line

Retekess TD101 double speaker system and queuing calling system, suitable for keeping queuing orders in restaurants, hospitals, and banks.  ...

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Communication Solution for the Outdoor Catering Industry

COVID-19 is still ravaging the world, in order to protect your health and your business in this social environment and to improve your work efficiency, we have designed professional solutions for the outdoor catering industry, involving Retekess T116 paging system and TW101 window speaker system.  ...

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Charging Equipment Solution For T130 System

RETEKESS charging equipment solutions of The T130 system make the charging environment safer and convenient.  ...

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Wireless Solution for Back to School Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to keep a safe distance in school to ensure the safety of teachers and students in the back to school season? Retekess supply the solutions for you. If you have any questions, pls feel free to email us at  ...

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Solution for Broadcasting the Fitness Training in COVID19 Period

Hard-fought year in 2020, many governments suggest people don't gather together to reduce contact in COVID-19 period. But what should we do for fitness training? Retekess will supply the solutions for your business.  ...

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