The Use of Alpha Coaster Pager in Diverse Scenes

The Use of Alpha Coaster Pager in Diverse Scenes

The Use of Alpha Coaster Pager in Diverse Scenes

As people become more demanding in terms of service and efficiency, more and more restaurants, clinics, churches, and nursing homes are using it. But different scenes have different needs for pager system functions. We have developed products with different functions according to meet the needs of each type of customer.

In the actual use of the pager system, many users want to achieve the needs of multi-window pickup, multi-window consultation, etc. The previous system was more difficult to meet such needs. But now TD159 alpha coaster pager can enter the call number and text content in the transmitter, press the send button, and the information will be displayed on the screen of the pager. This product solves this problem very well. 

TD159 Smart Coaster Pager use in Food City

A food city has snacks, noodles, drinks, and other areas. A TD159 transmitter is placed in each area. If a customer orders noodles and drinks, he or she is given a TD159 pager. When the food in the noodle area is ready, the waiter inputs the pickup number and information on the transmitter, for example, No. 8 to pick up food from the noodle window and send it. The customer's pager will receive the information. Then when the drinks are ready, the waiter will send "Number 8 to pick up the drinks from the beverage window", and the customer will also receive the message. This can realize the demand for multi-window pickup scenarios.

using in food city of TD159 alpha coaster pager

TD159 alpha coaster pager used in warehouse

When many truckers come to the warehouse, it is easy to get into chaos because of the distance and too many people. You can solve this problem by using the TD159 smart pager with Screen. You can send a pager to each driver. Then enter the number and information on the transmitter. The pager will receive the message “Please go to warehouse 7”. This way the driver can know which warehouse to go to. Organized solutions to field chaos. In addition, the TD159 smart pager with a screen can work over a distance of 1000-1500 meters, making it ideal for long-distance transmission.

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