AUX Function of Whisper Listening Device

AUX Function of Whisper Listening Device

AUX Function of Whisper Listening Device

Recently, we often receive questions from customers about how to use the AUX function of the whisper listening device. Why is the sound of the receiver very low after connecting the audio device? Here is Clare's answer for you.

The role of the AUX interface

The role of the AUX interface on the tour guide system is to input audio from the electronic audio device and listen to it through the receiver.In other words, pre-recorded audio files such as attraction explanations or pastor's sermons can be delivered to visitors or believers through the AUX line. This way guides and pastors do not have to repeat the same content over and over again. In addition, you can also use this function to play soft music or other audio contents in between activities. This will not only enrich the event, but will also greatly enhance the enjoyment of the listeners.

Retekess tour guide systems all have AUX jacks, some of which are shared between microphone and AUX, and others each have a microphone jack and audio jack, such as the TT110 and TT106. The latter allows both the narrator and the audio device to output sound simultaneously, while the former can only output sound in turns. You  can choose the appropriate one according to the flow and content of the event.

Usage of the AUX interface

The AUX function of the Retekess whisper listening device is easy to operate. Turn on and pair the transmitter and receiver, and use a 3.5mm AUX cable to connect the transmitter's AUX jack to your computer, cell phone, MP3, car radio, and other audio source devices. Then the receiver will be able to hear the sound from these external audio devices. If you think the sound is too low, besides adjusting the volume of the receiver, please remember to raise the volume of the connected audio devices.

Overall, the AUX function is useful in many ways and the sound quality will not be affected in any way, and I guarantee that your visitors will love it. If you have any questions about the use of the AUX function and the choice of whisper listening devices, please feel free to email us at

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