The Best Assistive Listening Device

The Best Assistive Listening Device

The Best Assistive Listening Device

As a tour guide, it is important that your voice is audible to everyone in your group. While small spaces and quiet exhibitions may not pose a problem, larger groups or outdoor areas might make it challenging for everyone to hear you without straining your voice. Shouting is not an ideal solution as it may damage your voice, which is why investing in an assistive listening device makes sense. An assistive listening device need not be high-end equipment meant for musicians but should project the human voice accurately and without distortion. Here are some tour guide assistive hearing systems options to consider:

One-way tour guided system

In most situations, a tour is a one-way experience. From time to time those taking part in the tour may ask the occasional question, but for the most part, the guide is the only one talking. In these situations, you’ll want to invest in a one-way tour guide system. Retekess offers a number of options to help you customize the best one-way assistive hearing system possible.

Two-way tour guide systems

The guide wears a transmitter that sends the audio signal to the personal receivers of the group members. In addition, these systems enable the participants to communicate with the tour guide and each other. Two-way tour guide systems are used in various industries such as tourism, education, and business. They improve the quality of communication and engagement among the participants, enhance the effectiveness of the tour, and provide a more memorable experience for all involved.

Dual Transmitter tour guide system

An assistive listening system consists of two transmitters that work simultaneously to deliver the audio signal to a receiver worn by each listener. This type of system is particularly useful when two guides are conducting a tour simultaneously, especially in complex and large tours.

Wireless tour guide systems

To avoid getting entangled with wires during a tour, wireless tour guide systems offer a headset and microphone with the receiver connected wirelessly. 

Select headphones

The next piece of equipment you need to consider is the headphone. The headphones allow you to better hear questions (especially if asked through a microphone). It also allows presenters to relay information to you without calling attention to it. Now, there are a number of headphone options. You can choose from low-profile headphones that suit quiet places or noise-canceling headphones in loud factories, depending on your need.

Microphone and speakers

The next important decision you need to make is the microphone. Do you want a Lavalier mic? Headset microphone? Or want a handheld mic? The Lavalier microphone is firmly clipped to the collar, and it will not be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. The head-mounted microphone can freely adjust the angle and distance from the mouth, and the sound pickup effect is better. A hand-held microphone facilitates passing between multiple hosts.

Retekess offers a range of assistive listening devices to suit your needs, and it’s best to choose one that suits your budget and tour requirements. If you have any questions, you can contact us for assistance.

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