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Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors

Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors

Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors

Wireless microphones play a lot of roles in our daily life, they have a wide usage like music production, live sound, speeches, recording, teaching, etc. There are many types of wireless microphones on the market, and each type was designed for a different purpose application.

If you are a fitness instructor and teach a class such as Pilates, Zumba, piyo, spin, yoga, barre, dance... you will definitely need a wireless mic system. Though wired mic has a slightly higher overall sound fidelity and reliability, for lectures or classes, wireless is the standard. It's no need to pursue the sound quality of microphones used by musicians. And the freedom to move around is far superior.

For the wireless microphones, there are handheld mic, headset mic and lavalier mic. The lavalier mics probably not a great option for fitness instructors since they are mounted to your clothes, you could be harder to understand as your head moves.

Wireless Handheld Microphone

You could consider a Handheld Microphone as a fitness instructor since it is the most durable type of wireless mic. When you are doing something active like a fitness class, durable enough is definitely an issue to consider. And the handheld type is easy to pass off to another person if there is needed for any reason. The disadvantage of the handheld mic is that you have to hold it in your hand. And also you have to keep the mic close to your mouth at all times.

Wireless Headset Microphone

There are more fitness instructors choose wireless headset mic based on the wireless and hand-free. No wires, no batteries to keep up with just charge and go. You can do some demonstrations around your classroom as you like. The headset mic is mounted a set distance from your mouth and it stays in place perfectly.

Each set of the wireless mic comes with a receiver and transmitter, they pair automatically. Easy to plug and power on, no worry about the setup issue at all.

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