Can I Download the Calling Record of Host Receiver?

Can I Download the Calling Record of Host Receiver?

Can I Download the Calling Record of Host Receiver?

Retekess TD124 Wireless Calling Receiver

Many customers want to download the calling record to their computer, so Retekess engineer develops one new item: TD124 host receiver to meet the market needs. There is the software in it, and also supports API. If you want to get the details of the calling record and evaluate employees, this system will be the best choice.

Retekess TD124 host receiver

1, The receiver can support up to 999 pagers for code matching.
2, The receiver system has built-in 16 key values, and each key-value can be set individually.
3, RFID employee card can be set up to realize employee response after call service, real-time check of employee service status, and statistics of employee service status.
4, A wireless remote control can be added, and the system can be set up wirelessly remotely. It supports up to 10 remote controls.
5, The product has an external antenna with high sensitivity. The code matching distance with ordinary pagers can reach 200 meters, and the code matching distance with remote pagers can reach 800 meters.
6, The product supports up to 6 groups of call records displayed on the same screen.
7, Support 3.5mm external speakers.
8, The product has a USB data interface, and the call records can be viewed through the host computer software and imported into the computer.
9, It can be powered by 12V or 5V USB. 

Wireless host receiver pc control

On this system, the waiter also can also choose the RFID card mode, which can use RFID card for service response, button mode directly press the CANCEL button of the pager. The waiters' names can be changed by the administrator. More details, pls email us at

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