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Category Archives :Product Introduction

Why Choose TA003 TA004 Silent Disco Headphone?

Retekess cares about every customer needs to help your business and life can be better. TA003 and TA004 is 2021 new arrival for the sound system. You can use it for weddings, movie events, guided tours, and as a tool in senior living communities.  ...

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Where and how do you use the Silent Disco Headphones?

A silent disco is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. How and where do you use the silent disco headphones. It is widely used in parties, families, factories, and classes. If any other request, feel free to email us at  ...

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New Arrival of Silent Disco headphones

Retekess TA003 and TA004 are the silent disco equipment. The headphone has 3 channels, 3 lights notices. It is very easy to find the correct channel for you. If any, feel free to email us at  ...

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Choosing the Best Restaurant Paging System

Retekess focuses on supply the solution for your business, especially in the field of wireless short-range communication, such as in the restaurant. So how to choose the best restaurant paging system will be a problem.  ...

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What is the difference between T116A and TD162 restaurant paging system?

Both retekess T116A and TD162 restaurant paging systems are 10 pagers. They have different shapes and use for different situations. So you can choose the one which is better for you. If any questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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What’s the Difference Between TD158 and TD163 Guest Pager System

You could learn about the difference between TD163 restaurant paging system and TD158 paging system. The biggest difference on the charging mode, transmit range and appearance. The TD163 and TD158 restaurant pagers have many same features as well. Hope the information helpful for your purchase.  ...

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New Arrival of Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System

Recently, Retekess has one new model circle guest paging system with 20 pagers in one system. Which one charging base can charge 20 pagers. It is very popular in the market. Feel free to get one to improve your business. If any, feel free to email us at  ...

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How Much are Restaurant Pagers?

Retekess provides more than 20 models of guest paging systems, no matter you are looking for a long range paging system, alphanumeric pager, waterproof paging system, cost-effective paging system, coaster paging system, vibration paging system..., Retekess will meet your requirements.  ...

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How to Operate the TD163 Guest Paging System?

TD163 is the new arrival of Retekess wireless guest paging system, so pls check how to pair the guest pager and what functions you can change.  ...

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Why Choose TD163 Wireless Guest Paging System?

Retekess made a new model guest paging system TD163 to meet most customers' needs. In this article, there will be many reasons to tell you why choose TD163.  ...

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