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Category Archives :Solutions

Portable Interpreting Equipment Solutions For International Conferences And Churches

With the help of portable interpreting equipment, cross-language meetings have an efficient and convenient solution, which is very suitable for international conferences and church sermons.  ...

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Animal Shelters & Veterinary Clinic Pager System Solutions

Retekess pager system for veterinarians clinic. The animal owner gets a pager and can wait outside the clinic, instead of sitting too long.  ...

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Solutions for Improving Service Beach-side Restaurants and Bars

Retekess wireless paging system for beachside restaurants and bars, improve service quality and customer satisfaction.  ...

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Push Button Paging System Solutions

The push button paging system is easy to set up and use, and is widely used in restaurants, hotels, medical and other industries.  ...

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Spring Outdoor Education Solutions

The spring outdoor is very charming, we have two products - TT122/TT105 for your recommendation. Welcome to buy the suitable spring outdoor excursion program for you  ...

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Long Range Calling System Solutions-Retekess TD004, TD005 Wireless Transmitter Buttons with Retekess Watch Receiver

Retekess wireless transmitter call button and wireless watch receiver composition of wireless calling system,Retekess TD004, Retekess TD005 with its own transmitting antenna, can provide a longer transmission distance.Together with the watch receiver, the calling system can solve the communication problems of many industries and scenarios, including medical, catering, factory manufacturing, warehouse transportation, etc.  ...

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What Is The Difference Between Paging And Intercom?

What is the difference between paging and intercom? Whether you opt for a paging system or two-way communication, Retekess offers a wide range of communication solutions to cater to the unique requirements of your business.  ...

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Retekess - Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Pagers

With pagers suitable for various industries, Retekess offers high-quality, durable, and user-friendly solutions to meet your paging needs.  ...

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How to Receive Service Call on PC with USB Receiver?

How to receive service call on PC? You will need the USB receiver and the call buttons, and the programmer. Please check the details about the solutions.  ...

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Communication Solution for the Outdoor Catering Industry

COVID-19 is still ravaging the world, in order to protect your health and your business in this social environment and to improve your work efficiency, we have designed professional solutions for the outdoor catering industry, involving Retekess T116 paging system and TW101 window speaker system.  ...

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