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TD101 Queuing Calling System Solution for Long Waiting Line

Retekess TD101 double speaker system and queuing calling system, suitable for keeping queuing orders in restaurants, hospitals, and banks.  ...

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Paging Systems for Business in Various Industries

Paging systems for business for restaurants, factories, church nurseries, hospitals and clinic, which help keep order and social distance.  ...

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Wireless Coaster Pager System for 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

TD103 and TD156 coaster pager system with long distance, waterproof, overtime reminder, long distance alarm are suitable for many situations.  ...

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Halloween Service Call System Shopping Deals

TD154 staff paging system suit for restaurant kitchens, hospitals, banks, hotels, help improve staff communication efficiency and save cost.  ...

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Set Prompt Beep Speed for Coaster Paging System 

Retekess paging system help change beep speed to catch attention of customers in restaurant and choose prompt mode you need.  ...

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Retekess TT122 Church Translation Equipment

Retekess TT122 church translation equipment is widely used in churches, tour groups, museums, factories, outdoor teaching, etc.  ...

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Two-Way Wirelesss Tour Guide Systems

Retekess two-way tour systems support tourists and tour guides to speak, ideal for tour groups, factory training, conference training, etc.  ...

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FM Headset Transmitter For Bus FM Audio system

Fm headset transmitter is a good choice for the bus tour, normally you can use the FM frequency to connect your FM audio system. You should have one.  ...

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Best Pager System for Coffee Shop

Best pager system for coffee shop. Get one for your coffee shop to win more customers. Easy use and cost-effective. You should have it.  ...

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