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Is the Retekess TR505 Able to Broadcast to Cars?

Retekess TR505 be able to broadcast to cars via the 88-108MHz. All the receivers will get the broadcast within the range. In the serious time, let us protect ourselves well, making the activity beneficial.  ...

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Wireless Calling System for Manufacturer

Wireless calling systems can use for restaurants, cafes, factory manufacturers, medical practices, offices, warehouses, and so on. You can use the watch receivers and call buttons to make communication clear and efficient.  ...

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How to increase the range of Retekess Calling System?

You could use the TD021 signal amplifier to increase the range of Retekess service calling system and guest paging system. And the detail settings of the repeater  ...

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Why Choose the Guest Paging System in Restaurant

What is Retekess guest paging system? Why choose Retekss guesting paging system? What will we gain after using Retekess guest paging system in your catering business?  ...

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