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Category Archives :Tour Guide System

What One Spanish Guide Said About Retekess Tour Guide Audio System

A Spanish tour guide used the TT122 tour guide audio system for his tour group and we were pleased to receive his feedback about the product.  ...

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Why Buy a Wireless Tour Guide System

With a wireless guide system, tour groups can stay away from the noise, be well protected from epidemics, and avoid crowding.  ...

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Can I Use Retekess TT105 for the Factory Tour

Retekess TT105 will help speaker and listener each other clearly to make sure a smooth factory tour will go on.  ...

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FM Headset Transmitter For Bus FM Audio system

Fm headset transmitter is a good choice for the bus tour, normally you can use the FM frequency to connect your FM audio system. You should have one.  ...

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Which Two-Way System is Best for Factory Tour

Retekess lists a new arrival tour guide system for a factory tour, the model is TT124, which has many good features, such as long working range, one key function, easy to operate and two-way commucation. The two-way is the most important for a factory tour.  ...

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Summary of Retekess Anniversary Celebration

Illustrates the most popular products in pager systems, push for service, and tour guide systems during the Retekess anniversary celebration.  ...

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Cost-effective Tour Guide System of Retekess

Retekess cost-effective tour guide system with easy setup and use, long communication range, and long battery life.  ...

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Tour Guide Device FAQ of Retekess T130

We summarize the frequently asked questions from customers and answers about the Retekess T130 tour guide device.  ...

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Small Portable PA System Retekess TC102

Small portable PA system Retekess TC102 is mainly applied in scenes where the sound needs to be amplified and has many functions.  ...

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Wireless Portable PA System Advantages and Applications

Wireless portable PA system, which can amplify the sound and spread to a farther space, is used in fitness, yoga, and dance courses.  ...

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