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Choose the Select Audience When Using Tour Guide System

Choose the Select Audience When Using Tour Guide System

Choose the Select Audience When Using Tour Guide System

How to select the audience when using the Retekess tour guide system?

T130S and T131S can make it happen. Most people know the T130 and T131 very well. But how about if they want to select the audience? T130 and T131 tour guide systems cannot work. So to make sure that we can meet the part of customers' needs, our engineer upgrades the operation to make it come true.

T130S transmitter

For the old version, it must be in the pairing mode for changing the channels, but for the new version. It is easier, let's check the details below:

Such as you need to use 2 groups, one channel of the group is 10 and the other group is channel 20.  If you want to change the channel of the transmitter from 10 to 20, you just need to press and hold (>) and (<) buttons at the same time until the icon disappears on the transmitter screen, then release the (>) and (<) buttons, the transmitter will enter channel setting mode. 

Then press (>), (<), (+) or (-) buttons to select the desired channel as 20.  When you choose the channel as 20, you can long press the power button (about 3 seconds) until the antenna signal icon appears on the screen and the ID number starts to flash, then release the power button. The channel of the transmitter will be changed successfully.

All the operations should be done by the speaker. it takes about ten seconds to finish it. So it is very easy to operate.

Or you can click the video to check the operation and search the T130S or T131S.

The models will solve the problem of who wants to use the system to translate the language to different groups. Such as in tourism, tradeshows, conferences, church worship, and so on. The one translator can talk to several groups in a fast way.

But if you want to have 2 speakers in one group, the TT106 will be the best choice. If you still have no idea which model is your best choice, pls Email us , we will choose the best one for your business.

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