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Cost-effective Tour Guide System of Retekess

Cost-effective Tour Guide System of Retekess

Cost-effective Tour Guide System of Retekess

In recent years, the global travel industry has suffered an unprecedented shock due to the impact of COVID-19. However, the sales of tour guide equipment have not been greatly affected unexpectedly. Since 2020, the wireless tour guide system of Retekess has served more people and won praise from guests and friends all over the world. Why is this? Because we have been committed to developing a cost-effective tour guide system suitable for the general public.

Tour Guide Systems

The standard audio guide system is composed of a transmitter, a receiver, and a charging box. Its most central role is to overcome the effects of distance and noisy environments, which keeps guides and visitors in touch. After the microphone is connected to the transmitter, the tour guide does not need to raise the volume to speak as a result of protecting his voice. Visitors can also hear clear sounds and get precise information through earpieces. The tour guide systems can play a role in any occasion where the speaker needs to be heard clearly, such as church interpreters, silent meetings, training institutions, etc.

Cost-effective Tour Guide System

Retekess Cost-effective Tour Guide System Features

We have been committed to developing products that are popular with the public. We always believe that what the general public likes is the best. Currently the most popular among customers is the T130 tour guide system. In addition, the Retekess guided tour system gathers the following features:

Easy to set up and use. Whether it is children or the elderly, it can be easily used because the operation is simple.

Long communication range. The communication distance of our products is from 30 to 200 meters. In group tours, the distance between tourists and tour guides is generally within 15 meters. The long-distance design is to meet the application of other scenarios, such as cathedrals, haji and pilgrimage, equestrian training, and so on.

Long battery life. For the rechargeable lithium battery, the charging time is generally 3 to 6 hours, and the use time after a full charge varies from 8 to 40 hours. For an event to be held smoothly, ensuring that the device has enough power is the most basic.

In addition, features such as clear sound quality, allowing two transmitters to be used simultaneously, two-way, and portable are also available. Most importantly, the satisfactory answer we have received from customers is the Retekess products are valued for money.

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