Do you need the outside antenna for your TR501 & TR508 FM transmitter?

Do you need the outside antenna for your TR501 & TR508 FM transmitter?

Do you need the outside antenna for your TR501 & TR508 FM transmitter?

During the COViD-19 period, people must keep social distance to stop the virus. So many churches, movie theater and schools bought the FM transmitter for drive in service.

Outside antenna with cable for your FM transmitter

As for Retekess FM transmitter, TR501 and TR508 don’t have the antenna can put outside, becauseof the low power, TR502 and TR505 have the maganet antenna to put outside,which will have better signal.

So people who have the TR508 and TR501 want to know if they support the outside magnet antenna. Do you have the same concern?

For the TR501 and TR508 FM transmitter, they support the magnet anttena, TR502’s antenna will work for them. So if you want to put the antenna outside, you can buy the TR502’s antenna with the cable. It is 5 mters long. If you need it, you can contact us to buy it.

By the way, the TR508 FM transmitter with FCC and IC, so you can fee free to use it in US and Canada. 

At this moment, many churches are using these devices to transmiter messages. Which help a lot, especially people need spirit support. If your church don’t have one, it is the best time to buy one now.

For movie theater, these FM transmitters help them a lot, and many people start the new business about drive in movie. So many people can work for them, help people have the job and not that hard to live during COVID-19. If still have concerns, you can feel free to contact us for any questions.

Many schools use the transmitter to do the graduate ceremony. So students and parents can sit in the car to listen the messages. 

If you are still thinking, don’t hesitate, you should have one FM transmitter. Which will help a lot. Any questions, feel free to email us at


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Sorry I have a few questions: Our Church would like to do inside service and offer outside drive up( car radio) service. We have modern high tech sound system with board and wireless mic for pastor, band has microphones. Our church is finished inside, a metal insulated building. What would we need to offer drive up at the same time ( pastor inside giving sermon) ( this gives them a Covid safe choice). 2. what is price of equipment we would need? 3. Is it easy to install. 4. Do we need a Fcc License for 1 hour a week? We are interested just need answers ASAP please

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Dear Debbie, thanks for your comments. According to the information you provided, you only need an FM transmitter to offer the drive in service. It is very easy to operation, you just need to connect the FM transmitter with the mixer. You could use the TR508 model since it is FCC part15 compliant FM transmitter.

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