Do you need tour guide system with a belt clip?

Do you need tour guide system with a belt clip?

Do you need tour guide system with a belt clip?

As we all know, the tour guide system is widely used in many areas. Such as, tourism, translation, training, listening, classes, horse ride training, ETC..

For different usage, you may need the different accessories. For the horse riding, many people prefer a belt clip version.

What Retekess Tour guide system with belt clip can you choose?

First, for the one way communication device, you can choose the T129 2.4G tour guide system, T126/T127 UHF tour guide system.

For both of the device, the range can reach 100 meters in the open area. Both of them support rechargeable AA battery and normal battery.

T129 tour guide system has 30 channels, so you can use it without any interference. You can choose the best channel you need. It is quite easy to set up.

T126 transmitter and T127 receiver is paired by IR, so it will pair automatically. It has 32 channels, so you can feel free to use many groups in one place.

For this one way device, only transmitter can talk, the receiver can only listen.

Except the one way tour guide system, we have the two way communicate tour guide system. Which allow all the transmitters and receivers talk, just the transmitter can talk without press any key. The receiver need to press the key when talk. It has 23 channels, you can use any one you want. The range is about 200 meters in the open area.

For the horse riding and other training, it may not convenient to put it in the pocket, so if with the belt clip, it will be much better.

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