Frequently Asked Questions About The Retekess T116 Pager System

Frequently Asked Questions About The Retekess T116 Pager System

Frequently Asked Questions About The Retekess T116 Pager System

Many people may do not know much about our T116 wireless paging system for the moment, hope these Q&A can help you

Q: How to pair a pager / how to set a pager ID / how to add an extra pager?

A: Pairing - The pager is in standby state, short press the “Set” button, the blue indicator light of the receiving pager is always bright, then press the call number on the keypad, the pager gets the signal

and blue lamp turns off and accompanied by buzz and vibration reminding, which represents the success of the code.

You can also refer to the video at the link below to set it up

Q: Do they work between floors and walls?

A: Yes they are. The range on them is very good. They could be used in a large outside space(about 1000m), also can work between floors and walls(200-500m).

Q: How long does it take to recharge a pager? And how long does the pager last?

A: They're good for a couple of hours as long as you cycle them when you’re busy to give them time to charge. Charging time also depends on how long they've been vibrating for before you put them back on the charger. 

Usually, it takes about 2-3 hours to be fully charged and can last about 10-12hours.

Q: How to switch reminder mode?

A: The receiving pager is in the standby state, short press the mode button on the pager, change the reminder mode. There are five kinds of modes, the default is the vibration, the buzzing, and the LED lights, the other four are Vibration and buzz; Vibration; Vibration plus light; Beep and lamplight.

Five mode cycle switching, when switching to the corresponding mode, the receiving card shall remind the time 5 sec according to the corresponding reminder mode.

You can also refer to the video linked below to set it up.

Q: Can you call all pagers at once?

A: Yes, you just need to pair all the pagers with the same number.

Q: If another food truck is using the same system will our pager system interference?

A: No, RF wireless technology with millions of different learning codes(AM) supports independent storage memory avoiding data lost and interference.

Q: If we are able to purchase the extra pagers if needed?

A: Yes, it is easy to find the extra pagers here

You could email us to at any time.  

Q: If the pagers are small enough to put in the pocket?

A: Yes, the size for the pager is 104*50*8mm

Q: Can you change the background picture to put in your own logo or special?

A: Yes, you can. The screen cover is removable. There is a clear plastic cover over the existing picture. Make your own picture the same size as the original and insert rather than the original. 

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Laura-Pàrkland Garden Centre

We just received our Retekess T116 that we ordered through Amazon Canada. Seems like it will work very well except there is one pager that seems to be flashing some kind of error code in red flashes once fully charged, green, on the charger. It makes no difference as to which slot it is in. I have unpaired and re-paired it several times and it still does it. If this is an error code, is there somewhere I can look up what it means or does his mean we have a pager with a bad battery? Please advise. Thank you Laura

Comment author


Hello Laura, Thanks for using Retekess products. In addition to the indicator issue, have you tested how long the pager work with fully charged? If it does not work for 8 hours, please email us at

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