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Halloween Service Call System Shopping Deals

Halloween Service Call System Shopping Deals

Halloween Service Call System Shopping Deals

If you have questions about how to improve the communication efficiency between the front counter and service staff, please take a look at the ideal solutions which is recommended for you. Using wireless service calling system will help you improve efficiency and save costs.

TD154 staff paging system can be widely used in restaurant kitchens, restaurant counters, hospitals, banks, hotels, high-class restaurants, food cities, beauty salons, warehouses, etc.

How to Improve Communication Efficiency between Kitchen and Staffs with Paging System

The kitchen or front counter staff will call the responsible waiter with TD154 keypad transmitter after the meal is ready. After get the signal, the waiter will pick up the meal for the customers. The information can be delivered between kitchen and waiters, which improves the communication efficiency. Staff does no need to shout, and provides a good restaurant environment for customers.

Advantages of Staff Calling System

IPX7 waterproof can be immersed in water for a short time for daily wear, and rain, and wash hands without taking off the bracelet.

Using a special charging clip to charge it, it can be fully charged in 3 hours, and it can stand by for 48 hours after being fully charged.

Customize key-value can be set as required. Such as pay, service and other words you need

Support one-to-many or many-to-one, launch keyboard supports one-key call and number combination. One watch pager can be used with up to 50 keypads

7 languages, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese

2 groups of alarm settings are still valid when the power is off, you can use them to set alarms to remind you to do certain things.

Benefits of Staff Paging System

1. Ideal solution for the communication problem between the kitchen and the waiters.

2. Service calling system offer humanized service and management, improve service quality and simplify the work process.

3. Improve the work efficiency and service quality of service personnel, reduce the number of staff, and save enterprise costs.

4. Optimize the customer dining experience,and enhance the corporate image, and ultimately improving the competitiveness and attractiveness of the enterprise.

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