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How About Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System

How About Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System

How About Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System

Retekess guest paging systems have been sold to customers around the world. The wireless paging systems are trusted by thousands of restaurants, medical offices, church nurseries, hospitals and more. We always thinking about how to make the paging systems serve businesses much better, and constantly upgrade the features of our products and do the best to maintain the cost-effective feature.

Retekess TD163 Guest Paging System is the new arrival model, the paging system includes 1 keypad transmitter and 20 coaster pagers. This restaurant pager was updated on the charging type and transmission range.

Most coaster paging systems on the market could only charge 10 pagers at the same time, if there's a business need more than 10 guest pagers, you have to purchase another charging base and have enough charging port on the counter.

For TD163 wireless paging system, the charging base is designed with the touchable keypad transmitter, all the 20 guest pagers could be put on the charging base and be charged at the same time. Only one charging port is required to operate the whole set paging system.

Retekess TD163 keypad transmitter built-in antenna and adopts the latest chips, the transmission range up to 500m with stable signal in the open area. But please note that the range will be shorter with barriers. If the range is not enough for your business, you could install a TD021 Signal Amplifier to increase the distance. The repeater needs to be installed between keypad transmitter and guest pagers receivers.

No matter you are running a restaurant, food truck/trailer, medical center and many other businesses that need customers to wait for their orders, you will never regret to invest a set of TD163 Buzzer System.  

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