How Far Can Retekess FM Radio Stations Broadcast?

How Far Can Retekess FM Radio Stations Broadcast?

How Far Can Retekess FM Radio Stations Broadcast?

The Broadcast Range of  Retekess FM Transmitters

As the Coronavirus’s global spread escalates, more and more churches and communities need the FM transmitter broadcast to make people receive the necessary messages while being quarantined. After all, the FM radio station is a simple and effective solution for a special period.  

Most people concern a lot about the range of the FM broadcast transmitter before buying them. To be honest, as with any wireless signal any answer will not quite accurate. Because where you place the transmitter, what is around the transmitter, what other broadcasters are in the area, what is the gain of the antenna, and how much power you are running all greatly affect the broadcast range.

But we still hope that our actual test distances will be helpful to you.

TR501 1W/6W FM Transmitter

The broadcast range up to about 2km, if you need the shorter range, just set the output power to 1W.

TR502 15W FM Radio Station (8-level RF power-adjustable) with remote antenna

The transmission range up to 4km, there are 8 levels of output power options, each level difference 1.9W. It is very easy to set up according to the actual need.

TR505 0-25W FM transmitter long-range broadcast

The FM broadcast transmitter range up to 5km in the open area. In the right location with 25 watts, it could broadcast a very large town or radius of several miles. The output power could be adjusted continuously.

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